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New Shows from Warner Bros and DC Kids [ Sponsored Post ]

My children's father is a dork.  The dork gene was the dominant gene between my wife and I. Most of the kids obtained that dorkiness in their DNA.  They like comic books, comic-con, wrestling and super heroes. One of our favorite shows is Teen Titans, GO!  

I've mentioned that before a few times on here.

Example of their Dorkiness from Alamo City Comic Con 2013

It seems we have an infatuation with DC characters. 

DCKids and Warner Bros' have new YouTube channels.  Included on these new channels are favorites such as Batman Unlimited, DC Super Friends and Scooby-Doo!  

Check out a quick clip from the DC Super Friends show below.

The shows are geared for the young viewers and should be safe for kids of all ages.  In Boltonshire, we watch what the kids do on YouTube and these channels are a couple we need not worry about.

There will be many more updates over the next year, so don't forget to subscribe to their channels!

They're also conducting a giveaway.  Enter the below giveaway for a chance to win one of five mystery toy gift baskets!  The baskets are worth a minimum of $50.00, and will be picked by the staff of Warner Bros and DC Kids.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So go check them out with your kids and when your kids go to bed, check them out while your wife is watching Netflix marathons of Pretty Little Liars or something.

Have a great day my friends.#

I have partnered with Warner Bros. and DC Kids for this promotion.  I have received compensation for my participation, but the opinions are my own.
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#DIY How to Get Internet Famous

On June 1st, I went to the televised viewing of WWE Raw with a friend of mine and my kids.  Russ (my friend), Michael (my oldest) and I have been to quite a few shows before, but this was the first time for Loreli (9), and Seth (7) to attend an event.

I did the normal thing I usually do when I go and make signs to hold up in the crowd...

John Cena for Seth

John Cena for Loreli

Seth Rollins for Michael
Out of all the times we've been, I don't remember ever getting on TV with one of them, but that never stops me from making them.  I've always made them for my brothers, Michael and I'll keep doing it no matter where we sit for any future event we go to.  While I do draw everything freehand, I usually find something on line and use that image as a base for my drawing.

Anyways, our seats weren't bad.  We had a decent view of the ring for the price we paid...

Seth and Loreli before the event started.
The only thing is, we couldn't see the Titan Tron from our seats, but it was no big deal since all the action takes place in the ring.

Well before the show started, there was a "dark match".  A dark match is a match that happens before or after the event when the cameras aren't rolling and only the audience in attendance gets to see the action.

The dark match for the evening was Tyson Kidd taking on new to the WWE, Samoa Joe in his debut match with the company.  Joe appeared on NXT (the WWE developmental league) the week prior, so it was cool to see him in action live. Since the kids and I are Tyson Kidd fans and we were seeing Samoa Joe for the first time, we didn't really know who to root for.  The match was "meh" at best, but I managed to get the finisher on video and post it on Vine.

Those are my sons with all the screaming and stuff.

While Vine's six second rule didn't get the full third count, Samoa Joe won with that move.  The Vine also included a post to Twitter and that's when everything went crazy.

My phone notifications started blowing up, I kept getting notification of retweet after retweet after retweet after retweet.  

My video was already being promoted on wrestling news sites before the WWE RAW show went live (this was done at 6:30ish)

The internet wrestling community was exploding because of this video.  Apparently, I'm the only one in the world (at least in San Antonio) to have gotten it on video.

In the four hours I posted on Vine,  I had already 123k plus views.  That's 123,000+!! Now, I'm just a D-List Dad blogger who gets happy when get gets 4000 views a month on his blog, but for a video of mine to get 123,000 in four hours was unheard of for me.

The next morning I updated the video to YouTube.

You get the full three count and a bit afterwards.  

After the match, Tyson Kidd appeared injured, but was able to walk out on his own accord.  It turns out he did suffer a spinal cord injury as a result of the move.

Now I used the word "Kills Tyson Kidd" as hyperbole, it wasn't for more views or hits or whatever, just plain ol' exaggeration.  It was also something Samoa Joe used to say he was going to do to his opponents. 

I don't think he ever really succeeded that I'm aware of.

Anyways, as a result YouTube video, I get the following email from the production company of the reality show, Total Divas.

Contact information removed for obvious reasons
So, I'm kind of a big deal now.  I wasn't sure how that worked, but I'm not really entitled to any compensation since they're not my characters and such, but I asked for credit if it does make it to the cut, which is stinkin' awesome.

As of this posting, the Vine has 632,741 views and the YouTube has 45,550.  The You Tube video started getting a lot of hits once the news of the injury was made public and people looking for the match.

While some people may be looking at the numbers and say, that's every Thursday for me, it's a big thing for me so let me soak in this, yo.
Has there been anything you put online that got famous for whatever reason?

Have a great week my friends.

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#FitKitchen by Stouffers [ Review ]

Steak Fajita Shown

Eating healthy is not one of my, how you say, strong characteristics. Being a father of six kids, I make the excuse of not having enough time for myself or the energy to put back into my well being.  I can drink a Monster Energy Drink or multiple Dr Pepper's a day and not feel bad about it.

Heck, I'm even wearing a Dr Pepper shirt as I type this.

I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke, I do drink coffee occasionally, but the caffeinated sodas are my weakness.   

Also being the cook of the family, and always trying to beat the clock for bath, bedtime or softball practice, I make the meals that's easiest and most cost efficient to feed a huge family.  There's Spaghetti Monday's and Spaghetti Leftover Tuesdays.  Taco Tuesdays on Wednesdays.  Something with Chicken on Thursdays and Little Caesars on Friday's.  

It's just the way it is. 

My wife is the one who keeps saying we need to eat healthier.  I don't disagree with her, it's just when I buy "healthy" I usually can only end up getting a third of what I could get buying what I normally do at the store.  It's a tough situation and like I said, it's just the way it is in our big family on our income.

Because of this, I need a wingman and I was excited to be chosen as a Brand Ambassador for a new line of healthy meals created by Stouffer's  [ Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest ] with their FitKitchen series of meals.

Now I occasionally stop by the frozen food section to pick up some frozen dinners for lunch at work.  They're never Stouffer's brand foods.  Mainly because I sacrifice quality of food for the price of food.  I'll get the brands that cost less than a dollar that just fill me up to not be hungry until I get home.  Now I never go, "Hot Dang!! That's some good chicken fried steak from Brand X", because it's usually really sad.  But it's just one of the things I've grown accustomed to in a large family.

Before I reviewed the products, I couldn't remember the last time I had anything Stouffer's.  It could have been some frozen lasagna.  Or the frozen lasagna could have been the cheaper store brand kind.  And so based off my past experience with frozen food, while excited to be a Brand Ambassador, I didn't quite know what to expect.

Fit Kitchen offers six protein-packed meal options made with modern flavors and whole food ingredients:
    • STEAK FAJITA in smoked red chile sauce with a mix of red & green peppers and seasoned brown rice
    • CILANTRO LIME CHICKEN white meat chicken with a black bean & corn mix, seasoned brown rice and a verde tomatillo sauce
    • ROTISSERIE SEASONED TURKEY with a mix of diced red skin sweet potatoes & green beans
    • MONTEREY CHICKEN with diced red skin & sweet potatoes, lightly buttered green beans with BBQ style sauce
    • BOURBON STEAK with chipotle mashed sweet potatoes, seasoned broccoli & red peppers

I happened to be with my mother-in-law when I was picking up the products and I read to her the different entrees. Now my mother-in-law is Hispanic and we're from San Antonio. So we take our Mexican food very seriously here and no company in Ohio is going to replicate a Mexican food plate as authentic as they do in San Antonio. So she tells me..

Don't get any Mexican food plates, the one's we have aren't very good.
 - Nana
I let her know, it's okay if I have a varying opinion on the product and can say I don't like it if that's the case. 

I end up picking up the FitKitchen Steak Fajita and the FitKitchen Bourbon Steak.

I thought about putting the Bourbon Steak back and get my wife one of the chickens for her to try out (since she's the healthy one), but I was selfish and wanted it all for myself.

I tried the Steak Fajita first.

I even warmed up a couple of flour tortillas to go with it just to try and make it as authentic as possible. the Steak Fajita comes in smoked red chile sauce with a mix of red and green peppers and seasoned brown rice. From past experience with "TV Dinners", I always remember the "Mexican rice" being real tomatoey and not very good.  I was also concerned the steak would be tough.

Well my first bite in threw all those negative experiences out the window and over the back fence into the street behind myself into oncoming traffic.  The steak itself was tender and flavorful as was the rice. 

No "real tomatoey" flavor at all!!!

It was especially delicious on the warmed flour tortilla.

Me finishing the last bite

Rosco cleaning out the rest.

The next day it was Bourbon Steak time.

No tortillas needed on this one.  Also, reservations about the quality of the steak were no longer a concern because they were still getting run over in the street behind my house after the Steak Fajita.

The Bourbon Steak comes with chipotle mashed sweet potatoes, seasoned broccoli and red peppers..

I made the mistake of eating this in front of my five year old daughter.

Being a Brand Ambassador's Daughter Has It's Privileges 

She took a break from playing the Wii U to taste the food and volunteer as my WingDaughter.  While she wasn't a fan of the potatoes, she did really enjoy the steak and the broccoli. She even made the following statement...

When I get in Kindergarten, I want to have this as my lunch.
 - Emma (age 5)

Great job Stouffer's. 

I even had my wife try it.  She's not a steak person, but she thought the steak was nice and tender and was very tasty.  She also didn't care for the potatoes.  The potatoes did seem a little off.  It could be they are sweet potatoes and we don't eat those as a family so we're not used to them. Yet other than that, the meal was just as great as the Steak Fajita.

The meals cost right under $4.00.  It's not unreasonable for a good healthy meal.  Stouffer's Fit Kitchen uses quality ingredients which are freshly made and simply frozen for your convenience.  You can check out their website for nutritional information.

I have partnered with Life of Dad and STOUFFER's for this promotion and review.  I have received product and compensation for my participation, but the opinions are my own.
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#MonsterEnergy [ Random Review & #Giveaway ]

The Official Energy Drink of Hashtag Bolton

Being a Dad (or parent for that matter) is tiresome.

By the end of the day you're spent.  You have nothing left after dealing with breakfast, poop, pee, lunch, homework, practices, probably more poop, work, dinner and maybe some cereal and a banana  thrown on the highchair because you forgot about lunch.

What does Eric, Lord of Boltonshire, Hashtagger of Hashtag Bolton do to get his energy?

He drinks Monster Energy Drinks.

Yes Monster Energy Drinks.

The Official Energy Drink of Hashtag Bolton.

How can you make something the official whatever of your blog?

I dunno, I just did.  Monster Energy Drinks didn't approach me and go, "Hey Hashtag Bolton, can we sponsor your blog?"  I figure I drink them enough, they deserve the recognition.

Because they're so awesome.  I've provided a review of their drink.

First, how easy they are to open.

See, I opened it up with ONLY ONE HAND!!!

Can't you do that with Red Bull?

I dunno, I never tried.

But, this is what I have to say about Red Bull...

Red Bull is Flanders in this Vine, FYI.

And finally, the taste test.

You can see the half second before the video cuts out the enjoyment on my face.  It's Vine's stupid two-and-a-half second rule that prevented me from getting the full effect.

While, I enjoy drinking Monster Energy Drink, this awesomness may not be for everyone.  The can's do have a disclaimer.


I'm assuming that last part is for breastfeeding, not women who are nurses.  But I could be wrong.  I didn't want to Google it, so if you're a nurse or breastfeeding, or even a breastfeeding nurse. STAY AWAY!!!


I wanted to send a can of Monster Energy to a lucky Hashtag Bolton reader, but my marketing department told me it would cost about fourteen dollars or something to send one can.  But I still wanted to reward you guys for visiting my page.  SO!!!! I'm just going to send you cash money to buy your own Monster Energy Drink.  I usually buy mine at a Valero Corner Store here in San Antonio and they've been $1.79 for over a year.  Other places like CVS, Walgreens, and other convenient stores have them for about a buck more.  I'm just going to give you the benefit of the doubt and send you three bucks.

Yes. I'm giving away THREE DOLLARS for you to either buy your first Monster Energy Drink or to buy another.

Or even just buy whatevs.

Deets below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for reading.  Have an awesome day mi amigos.
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#KidsPickTheWinner [ NBA Finals Conference Finals ]

We're through the first two rounds of the NBA Playoffs.    After the San Antonio Spurs got ousted by the Clippers in Round One, the members of Boltonshire lost all interest.   Hey, it is what it is.  But we strive on to finish this bit, especially since there's TEN DOLLARS on the line.

We play this round by round, with each correct pick getting one point. The points carry over to the next round and after the finals the kid with the most points gets the belt and the cash. In the case of a tie, the prize is split.

With logistics out of the way, here are your kids..

Actually, I'm pulling Loreli out of this one.  She had ONE POINT coming out of round one and then did not get one right from round two.

She gained the #KidsPickTheWinner Championship with the WWE Payback PPV Predictions, but more than likely she'll be losing it by the end of this contest.

Emma (Current Total - 7 Points)

Araceli (Current Total - 8 Points)

Seth (Current Total - 9 Points)

The way things are looking, Emma will be out of this one as long as she keeps picking the same as Seth.  Celi is keeping it close going the opposite of Seth.

How did your team do?

Go Spurs Go!
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In case you didn't know, I'm a comic book nerd. I don't want want to label my children as comic book nerds just yet, but they might just get there.  One of their favorite shows is Teen Titans, Go!  It's fantastic.  They don't spend all episode fighting the bad guys, they could spend an entire episode getting ready for a Thanksgiving dinner and Robin is freaking out because Batman is coming over and he wants to make a good impression.
So yeah, it's brilliant!

The current episode for some reason or another, Robin wanted to get a yearbook printed for the team and include all the cool things he's done in it.  Well it doesn't exactly go according to plan. Towards the end he's on a mission to get the most signatures, but upon returning to the Tower he finds his teammates have more signature than he does.  

Check out the video - 

And the signatures are fantastic.  I had to get the screen shots  just to get them all in.

1. Alfred (Batman's Butler)
2. Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)
3. Hal Jordon (Green Lantern)
4. Mr. Freeze
5. The Flash
6. Jon Stewart (Another Green Lantern)
7. Kyle Rayner (Yet Another Green Lantern)

8. Aqua Man
9. Harley Quinn
10. The Joker
11. Dr. Manhatten (The Watchmen)
12. Black Canary
13. Captain Cold

14. Batgirl
15. Blue Beetle
16. Bane
17. Damian Wayne (Batman's Son, A Robin)
18. Haunted Tank
19. Wonder Woman
20. Krypto the Super Dog
21. The Red Hood (Presumably Jason Todd. A Former Robin)

22. Aqualad 
23. Rorschach (The Watchmen) 

24. The Riddler
25. Lady Legasus (Alias of Raven)
26. Batman
27. Bruce Wayne
28. Darkseid
29. Clark Kent
29. Ras-al Ghul*
30. Superboy
33. Presumably the Comedian (From The Watchmen)

Lack of editing made me overlook the inclusion of TWO #29's.

Did you see any others?

This just proves that Teen Titans Go! is the best cartoon of all time!
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