Countdown to Cinco - T Minus THREE!!

Three weeks left until our estimated due date. The doctor's and nature put the due date on January 10th. The reason for the variance is personal history. KC is starting her 35th week.

MaddSkillz went to 37 weeks.

Ladybug was 37 weeks as well.

Disco made it to 36 weeks.

Beautiful finished up also at 37 weeks.

All four were natural, none were scheduled to be induced. This is why we feel we are going sooner than "officially" estimated. Our estimated date is December 21st. This is the start of the 37th week with the week ending during the Christmas weekend.

Some people say that it'll be good if the baby is born before the 31st because I can claim a tax deduction. It's the same thing that people told my wife and I when we got married. We got married at 12:42 AM on January 1st, 2005. People would say, "You know.. If you get married on the 31st, you can claim 'married' on your tax return for 2004."

I honestly could give a crap about tax exemptions. Whether I get it this year or next it makes no difference. I've donated a crap load of stuff to Goodwill and Wednesday Christ Cars is picking up my Suburban. I'm getting some tax deductions this year. It's okay.

I'm more concerned about my insurance deductible. That crappy plan my employer offers me starts over on January 1. My wife's deductible AND out of pocket is met for this year. January 1 she has to meet another $2000.00 deductible. That's what we're paying the OB/GYN for every month. Like I said before, I'm putting her on that laundry holder (elliptical) starting week thirty-seven.

What is going to stink is that with the baby expected to come so close to Christmas, we may not get to celebrate it as we would like. I'm okay with it. As each year passes, we are seemingly further and further away from both sides of our family. There will be no Christmas parties to go to this year. Not because I'm a Scrooge and hate Christmas as well as TV Christmas Movies, but because this year has emotionally and physically drained me.

Current kids. Future kids. Sick kids. Sick wife. Work schedules. Relatives moving in. Relatives moving out. Finances. They've all just worn me out this year. So to say that the only reason I'm looking forward to Christmas is to get the baby and move on would be the honest truth.

I half jokingly told my wife last night that I think we should just schedule Christmas in January. The kids are going to miss out on the event when it's supposed to happen when the baby comes. Plus we'll get our reimbursement from the doctor for all the money we paid to cover next years expected delivery.

Maybe I should enjoy those Christmas movies my wife loves to watch and live vicariously through them until we hit 2010.

Have a great week mis amigos.


Twenty Five Days of TORTURE!!!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, there is going to be an invasion on our homestead. For the next 30 days there will more than likely be no less that ninety-seven Christmas movies watched in my home. And I for one can't stand it.

Sure, I can appreciate the classics like, "It's a Wonderful Life", "A Christmas Story", and "Elf". But I'm talking about all the made for TV ones that infest my television.

Two of the biggest culprits are ABC Family's "25 Days of Christmas" and Lifetime's "Fa-La-La-La-Lifetime".


It's not that I have anything against Christmas or Santa Claus or people having a merry Christmas, I just don't really care for all these movies.

Yes, a simple tactic to avoid these would be for me to lay the law down and tell the misses what is up.

Obviously it's been a while since you knew a pregnant Hispanic woman in the last weeks of her pregnancy.

It's also odd. The only person who knows where the remote is during this time is my wife.

I think this is also the first time that we've had a DVR during Christmas time as well. That means she can record hours more movies while she's sleeping, eating, watching other Christmas movies or even delivering our new child. I can almost guarantee that she will make sure that the DVR is set before we take off to the hospital.

This way, we'll be watching Christmas movies all the way through Valentine's Day.

I guess the reason why I dislike them is how quickly my wife is drawn into them. If I try to get her to watch one of my movies and it's not within the first three and half minutes of it starting. She'll be confused and give up on it. But she can tune into any one of these shows at any part of it and be emotionally connected to the protagonist. She does the same for her regular Lifetime movies.

It's also how cliché the movies are. You can pick and choose from the list below and make your own TV Christmas Movie..

-Old man hates Christmas and comes to realize it through the companionship of a little girl.
-Man loses his job right before Christmas, the final scene takes place in a bank when the miser of a bank owner forgives the loan.
-Old man loses his memory and assumes the job as a Santa Claus at a local store. Only to regain it back to reveal he is the real Santa Claus.
-Wife blames Husband for the car wreck that killed their son only to appreciate him because it's the way the son would have wanted.
-Town hates a man who claims to be Santa Claus. Only a brother and sister believe him. At the Zero Hour magic happens everyone believes him and even though they were naughty, even the grumpy old mayor gets the present he wanted since he was kid.
-Singing Christmas songs saves the day.
-You also have to have the hilarious physical injury you always get when putting up Christmas lights.
-A husband is on a job away from home. Something happens and he has to make his way across the frozen tundra of Montana. It's almost Christmas. He's almost home. But then there's a car wreck. You don't know what happened to him. Everyone thinks something bad happened and they're sitting at the Christmas table crying. He opens the door two minutes before the end of the movie and goes "What's everyone so down about? It's CHRISTMAS!!!"

That last one reminds me of "A Very Brady Christmas". Where in the middle of Christmas dinner Mike has to run off to a job site because there was an accident. He goes to check on it, you know.. because he's the architect and therefore in charge of EVERYTHING. I would be like.. "I just drew the dang thing, what do you need me for??"

You don't call a reporter when the printing press stops working??

Anyways, Mike goes to check on the crushed sub-contractor who should really get in a union because he was working on Christmas. He goes in to save him because the firemen didn't design the building and don't know if it's structurally sound. Well, Mike goes in there and the building falls on him. Instead of sending in the Firemen or even getting a front loader, people just start singing Christmas songs. Since songs about Santa give people super natural strength, Mike is able to lift the building off his body and save the sub contractor as well. The day is saved and Alice makes a smart arse remark like about Sam the butcher unable to ever be romantic like "Only time that Sam carried me like that was when he wanted to win a potato sack race.."

I'm sure you can argue that "It's a Wonderful Life", "Christmas Story" and "Elf" all have the similar clichés. BUT THOSE ARE CLASSICS!!! And we'll watch them every time they come on.

So you enjoy the Christmas made for TV movies? Or are you in the same boat as me??


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving my friends. I pray your day is fun and safe.

And to my friends in Canada and outside the United States...
Happy Thursday. I hope your day is fun and safe as well.


Disco's Digitalography

Ladybug's Portfolio is where my daughter takes my cell phone and takes pictures. Usually without me knowing. The Portfolio is her better ones.

This special edition of Ladybug's Portfolio has a special guest, her little brother, Disco. So here is Disco's first post as a photographer.

Disco's Digitalography

Story behind this. I had no clue that my two year old son knew how to work the camera option on my phone. Maybe it was Ladybug who showed him. he wants to do EVERYTHING his sister does. He really looks up to her. Well, we had just put up the bunk beds and the kids were enjoying their new sleeping arrangements by playing and climbing and throwing things down from the bed. Ladybug had asked to take pictures, so I obliged. I walk into the room a few minutes later and Disco has the phone and is trying to throw it to his sister who is waiting to catch it on the top bunk.
He has yet to perfect his pitching arm and a late release had him throwing it very hard... INTO THE WALL!!!! This is the part where I walked in. Just in time to see the phone that is already falling apart having a nice little meeting with dry wall. Phone's fine. No one got yelled at. Ladybug knew it wasn't right what they were doing and apologized right away.
So, like many pilot TV shows that don't get picked up. Disco's Digitalography will more than likely not be picked up for a season run anytime soon. Maybe the demand for it will be so high that I'll be stupid not to bring it back into a cush time slot.
Have a great day my friends...


Jason Schwartzman Interview - Fantastic Mr. Fox

Friday, I was invited to attend a conference call with actor Jason Schwartzman, star of the upcoming Wes Anderson directed animated movie, FANTASTIC MR. FOX. Jason voices the character of Ash. Ash is the son of the title character, Mr. Fox (voiced by George Clooney). The call was set up for Mom and Dad bloggers by 42West.

Jason Schwartzman debuted in Wes Anderson's Rushmore. He has also appeared in Slackers, Bewitched, Shopgirl and The Darjeeling Limited to name a few.

Wes Anderson has Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited credited to his name.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is based on the book of the same name by Roald Dahl. Who has also written other classics such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, and Matilda.

Jason called in right after a quick stint of morning talk show interviews. When he realized he was talking with a bunch of parent bloggers, he seemed genuinely excited. He even called it "the largest conference call of his life." Following is a summary of the questions and answers.

The first question came from Ashley Cooper over at "Optimistic Cynicism": Can you relate to your character from the film and how?
Jason: My character is an young fox around 12 or 13 years old. His father is a powerful, handsome and charismatic fox. Ash hasn't hit his growth spurt quite yet. He also deals with the fact that he doesn't have a lot of friends, getting picked on quite a bit, and the girl he likes actually likes his cousin. So I can definitely relate to his character. Twelve and thirteen years of age was an amazing time. A lot of new things are happening in my life such as entering a new school and meeting new friends. I hit my growth spurt later and felt little. I wished I was a better athlete and liked lots of people who didn't want to be friends with me. It was an odd and bizarre time. It is nice that in this movie that this character is little and comes to realize that it is nothing to be embarrassed about. His size is what saves his cousin's life. The things that make him different are the things that he should not be embarrassed about, but what makes him incredible.

The positive message of the movie is that it is ok to be yourself. Do not worry about if you feel different. Being different is what feels cool and great. We should all be the people that we are because that is what makes us beautiful. If we were all the same, think about how boring the world would be. We each have something unique and we put our uniqueness together to make that world a great place. That is what is important. The movie manages to get the message across in such a great way that it is very clear and does so in such a nice and gentle way.

Honestly, when I read the script, I completely related to the character. Down to almost every aspect of it.

Travis with "Accumulating Life" followed up with: The humor in the movie is aimed to parents and children. how do you think the adaptation appeals to both audiences?

Jason: The movie is completely for families. Both kids and their parents have had great responses. Everyone has been excited about seeing the movie. I wish I could screen it to animals to see if it would play to that demographic. Roald Dahl is a beloved children's book writer. The book was read to me by my mother. I loved imaging the world of the foxes and the movie is a great adaptation. It is a perfect marriage of Roald Dahl and Wes Anderson. All adults will love this movie and it is very funny. Adults will be able to grasp the amount of work that went into the movie. It took three years and 150,000 still images. It was a long and arduous process.

It is a mesmerizing and beautiful movie. Kids will love the humor. There is also a lot of physical humor. This is Wes Anderson's finest moment. It is hysterical and the funniest thing I've seen in my life. It was written with children in mind. The kids will get every joke and love the movie completely. I think there is something funny about foxes going through human relatable emotions.

Dawn Rutt with "Peeling an Orange with a Screw Driver": What is your favorite part of the movie?

Jason: I love the part at the end when Mr. Fox, Ash, his cousin and the Opossum are on a motorcycle driving back home. Ash had rescued his cousin and they see a wolf on a distant hill. It is a beautiful scene. It is a very heartwarming moment between the foxes, the other animals and the wolf they had heard about the entire movie. With the point being let's keep being animals.

Other Points Jason touched on was:
- The cast lived on a farm during the reading for the movie.
- Bill Murray was the inspiration of the wolf design in the movie.
- If a scene happened under a tree, they would go to a tree and act out their scene.
- The movie is made with kids in mind.
- It's made for the whole family not one with a lot of adult jokes.
- It's an adventure movie.
- Fun and exhilarating.
- Super uplifting and happy.
- Has seen in four times and it keeps getting better.
- He is going on his honeymoon after the phone call.

Jason stated that he had a blast and enjoyed the forum the process of how the interview went. He was excited because he is just beginning his family. Although he does not have a child yet, he feels that he is halfway there to be part of the elite clan of being parents.

You could tell in his voice that he is very emotional and excited about this movie. I really enjoyed listening to him about his experience during the making of the movie. Hopefully, I will be able to take my kids to go see it. I was certainly more excited about the movie after listening to him on Friday.

Fantastic Fox is currently in limited release and is scheduled for nationwide release on Thanksgiving Day.


Countdown to Baby - T Minus FOUR

After not getting much done last week due to being sick, I knew that this weekend had to be productive. Space is a HUGE issue in my home. We have four kids (1,2,4,14) and my father lives with us. The baby is coming within the month and like a previous countdown post, we have no where to put them.

One issue is the amount of baby clothes we have. With two babies the past two years, we have a ton of clothes. The baby is a year, yet somehow 3-6 mos clothes were still stockpiled in her drawer. The same for the boy, 12-18 month sized stuff was taking up space in his as well. I just realized that this baby does not have a dresser. Looks like daddy will be living out of his suitcase for a while.

Beside the constant colony load of laundry that seems to never go away in our room, the kids room was a big concern. The kids have to share a room and we've been wanting to get bunk beds for a while. Earlier this year, my In-Laws bought one for us from a garage sale. When I started putting it together, I noticed that the frame had cracks in 75% of the wood. I knew that I WOULD NOT be making this a bunk bed. All I needed was an incident where one of my children were crushed beneath a pile of lumber when I woke up one morning. So, I just kept it as a single bunk. My son slept in a very cool fire truck toddler bed, I found for free online. This left about FOUR SQUARE FEET for them to play in their room.

So we bought a new one this weekend. My daughter was super excited about the new bed. She made me start putting it together at 7 yesterday morning. She helped me with the headboards and putting it together. The oldest helped out a little and the boy helped out as well. It was nice looking down at my four year old daughter knowing what to do as she is tightening the screws. Then it gave me a warm feeling as my two year old son sat in my lap and helped me tighten screws. Yeah they slowed me down some, but it's their bed and they know they helped put it together.

The cool fire truck bed is outside now for the kids to play on in the back yard.

The kids love their new bed. Disco wants so bad to climb the ladder and play with his sister on the top bunk. I still have to find a way to restrict access to the ladder so the boy doesn't climb when we're not watching. But now we have half their room back. We're just not sure if we want to move Celi in with them. If MaddSkillz doesn't keep his room clean, I'm going to put her in with him and he's going to just have to suck it up or move out to the Sub.

The next mission is to get rid of a couple extra couches. One is a sleeper sofa and heavy as crap. If crap weighed as much as a sleeper sofa.

I could be ready for this baby just yet.

Have a great week my friends.



I started getting sick again. Yesterday on my birthday of all days. Not sure if it was the Blade 2 Mutant Vampire Virus from two weeks ago. But I'm not feeling very creative. I probably won't comment on many blogs in the next few days either.

I could keep you mildly entertained over at Pretty Dang Exciting. Anything that comes up in the next few days has already been scheduled.

But there probably won't be any blogs posts from me again this week.

Hope you all are feeling well.


Countdown to Cinco - T Minus FIVE!!

Thanks to everyone sending their well wishes to my daughter after the horrendous birthday she had last week.

We're at 32 weeks now into this pregnancy. That means we have about FIVE weeks until the baby will get here. That's five weeks to get everything in order.

We need to make more room somehow. I plan on getting some free boxes off craigslist and pack away a lot of clothes that aren't fitting anyone right now. But the thing with that is, eventually it will fit someone again. We don't know the sex of the baby, so if we pack away all the boy's clothes we'd have to get them out again eventually if we have a boy. If we have a girl, we'll just let the new one wear the current baby's clothes.

The current baby is wearing her big sister's clothes. The baby just turned one and she's wearing 3T. Not that she's one of those big babies that used to be on Maury Povich all the time, the clothes have shrank overtime and don't fit that bad on her. She only wears them to lounge around the house in. But you might see pictures of the new baby wearing 24 mos. clothes in her first pictures.

This being our fourth child in five years, the family has pretty much distanced themselves from us. With my daughter everyone was all joyous and excited. An uncle kept asking us "When are you going to have another one?" Every time we saw him. He was one of the first ones we told when we found out we were pregnant with our son and he was super excited. A year later when we were pregnant again, he was like "That's cool." When we told him a year later that we were pregnant again, he pretended he didn't know us.

Not that I'm looking for baby showers or gifts or anything the such, but a baby shower has not even been discussed by anyone. Our babies no longer excite or bring anyone joy . It makes me think that people just hate The Duggers for having so many kids. I don't know how they get invited anywhere. But then again, their kids have life skills. My kids skills consist of jumping off furniture, digging in plants and breaking lamps.

Maybe that's why we don't get invited anywhere.

Have a great week my friends.


Worst Birthday... EVER!!!

Thank you all for your very nice comments and birthday wishes for my daughter. I just wish it was as happy as it should have been.

Yesterday was supposed to be filled with cupcakes, streamers, ribbon, torn wrapping paper and presents. Yesterday was my daughter's first birthday. But it turned into 100 plus degree fevers, possible UTIs, catheters, partial dehydration, and an evening emergency room visit.

She had a fever the day before. We did the Tylenol thing, and the fever came and went. She woke up on Thursday grumpy and not wanting to eat or drink much. Her Nana was going to take her for her Birthday Pictures like she has done for the other kids, but the baby just didn't feel like smiling.

She came back home and KC took her to the pediatrician. That's where they determined she was dehydrated and took a sample of her urine via catheter. Needless to say, she was not very pleased with the process. They told us her urine was too concentrated to be able to yield any results that day. We'll have to wait through the weekend to get the results.

Later that day, she wouldn't drink. We were concerned about her getting fully dehydrated so we took her to the children's ER. We couldn't get her to drink the Gatorade or water and thought she would have to get an IV.

The ER doctor checked her throat and there were a lot of bumps and sores back there. It turns out it's STOMATITIS. Somehow she got this virus that caused the back of her throat to break out, have a fever and possible UTI.

Did I mention that all this happened on HER FIRST BIRTHDAY?!?

She is still not drinking much. We have meds and we're told it should subside in the next few days. She's not a happy camper. She does devour popsicles as her primary source of liquids. We have to rotate the Tylenol and ibuprofen every three hours. We have some antibiotics and meds for the throat pain.

We had to cancel her birthday party for this weekend. I'm kind of cool with that part. First birthdays are such a beating. We'll schedule it for a later date.

My wife, being the awesome mother that she is, found out the perfect distraction to the crying baby. Whenever we need her to be quiet so we can change, feed, or medicate her, we turn on....

It works perfect. I know some parents hate those from Gabba Land. But I'm cool with them. Plus I'd rather have them playing constantly than for her to be crying at all hours of the day.
Have a great weekend my friends.


Happy Birthday Beautiful..

Happy Birthday Celi,
I know it's a cliché, but I can not believe that you are one year old today. It doesn't seem all that long ago when we were surprised with the knowledge of your forthcoming. I was still trying to adjust to the fact we only had your brother for a few months before we knew about you. And even after that, having the two babies seemed like it was the hardest job in all of existence. Then you were coming later in the year and I didn't know what I was going to do. If I figured out what I was going to do, I didn't know HOW I was going to do it.

When your mom was pregnant with you, I think it went by so fast on account that I wasn't there much. I was focused on making ends meet, that I would sometimes work 25 hours overtime a week. I didn't go to the doctor visits as much (if at all) like I did when your mom was pregnant with your brother and sister. I was a new manager and I was required to be at work. I just couldn't fit everything into the balance of my life.

Then when you came home, it took a while for me to connect with you. Maybe it was the long hours I was working. Maybe it was that we didn't know your gender, and I didn't connect with you because I didn't know what to call you in the womb. I started school a couple months later, and more of my focus shifted from you. Your mom would mention ad nausea about the fact I had not given you a nickname yet. It wasn't until a couple months ago when I started calling you "Celi" and "Celi Belly".

"Ladybug" and "Disco" came so quickly with your siblings. Was it this lack of connection that I constantly thought that you did not like me? You would cry when I sometimes tried to feed you, only to stop once your mother took you.

The only time we really spent together was at 3:00 AM as I was crawling out of bed for your feedings. I did catch up on Lost, Burn Notice, Leverage, Wrestling and The Office during this time. We would fall asleep on the couch with you in my arms and I started to look forward to these insane feeding times of yours.

Your mom would also give me a hard time because I have yet to make a "video" of you. I did the "Peanut Butter and Jelly Time" videos for your older brother and sister. Your sister got her poem. Your brother got his two videos. "Where is the baby's??" My excuse was that I was all burnt out. It's like I set the bar high when I did your brother's birth video and the subsequent "Disco Seth" video.

But honestly, I had something planned. Your mother doesn't even know this. Throughout the night when your mom was in labor with you, I would sneak away at times and record video updates. The goal was to put these together and make a documentation of the day you were born. I don't know what happened. Maybe just the stress I was putting myself through trying to be "Super Husband" and "Amazing Daddy", but I ended up dropping the whole idea. And for that, I am sorry.

I love our relationship now. I love it how you come running to the door when I come home. You even cry when I leave.

When you come up to me and put your head in my lap, my heart melts. I love it how you want so badly to play with your brother and sister and they just plow over you because you're not able to always keep up with them. But you're getting there.

Your infections smiles bright my day. You are a great daughter, and I squeeze you very very much. You are going to super big sister very soon.

This family was nowhere near complete as it was before you joined us. I can not even think about what our family was like prior to you being born.

I love you very much, Celi. I hope your day is as beautiful as you are.

Love Forever,



Ladybug's Magic Trick - Missing Leg

I'm going to switch up the regularly scheduled Ladybug's Portfolio today and show a video of Ladybug's Magic Trick. She started liking magic tricks when I would do quarter tricks for her. Now she's a regular Cristina Angel.

Have a great day friends.



Coutdown to Cinco! - T Minus Seven.

Sunday my wife hit 31 weeks into this pregnancy. Which means We have less than seven weeks before the newest addition to our family arrives. I say less than seven because my wife likes to deliver our kids around 38 weeks on average. So it's more than likely going to be six weeks from now.

While part of me is excited. I'm dreading what needs to be done before the little one gets here. Honestly, I should be used to it, each kid seemed to come at a surprise and we dealt with it the best we could.

My daughter decided to come two weeks after we moved into our house. We were still living out of boxes and probably hadn't connected the water or electricity. It was like living in a shanty back during the depression. I promised that I will no longer plan to move that late in my wife's future pregnancies. Miainly because she didn't do jack but tell me where to put things.

My son was a real surprise. She had just turned 36 weeks and her water broke. The good news is that it got me out of a Halloween party that I was not having very much fun at. Sure it had been two years since the last kid. We did have the electricity going this time, but I had been working two jobs up until this point and did not have time to do jack crap. My dad had moved in earlier that year to help with the bills, so space was limited. I was torn when he had to stay in the hospital an extra day because I honestly has no place to put him. Disco would sometimes have to sleep on some loaves of bread in the pantry . When he got bigger, we unplugged the dryer and made him his own little space capsule. The moldy smelling clothes is a sacrifice.

When our most recent baby there was plenty of notice. It wasn't that bad because we had gotten used to chaos which was our life. She would sleep in her carrier most of the time. We told her that she was a turtle when she learned to crawl. She would take her carrier around on her back and then whenever she was tired, she'd just pull her head in her little "shell". It's cute.

The teenager already has his room and he thinks that he is immune from the over population of our house. He's only 14, but I'm thinking of giving him the old surburban. Not as a car, but as a place to sleep. It's got plenty of leg room and it smells better than his room. He could even get WiFi for his iTouch.

With numero Cinco on the way, I'm just out of ways to be creative. Four kids at 35 has drained me. There's so many logistical things I need to deal with trying to fit a new baby our world.

Like, what am I going to do with the kids when it's time for her to yell at me every four minutes? I'm going to have to give one kid to a different family member. Either that or KC is going to have to give birth at 3AM again, and I go home before the kids wake up. Tell them that they are a little less special to mommy and daddy and then pick up KC when it's time.

And guess what else happens six to seven weeks from now. Yep, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. While I love the reason for Christmas. I've grown tired of having to split myself in sixteen different directions in the span of 24 hours. While it is a bonus that if we're in the hospital, it would be a good excuse not to go visit anyone. It's also a bad time for any of them to watch my kids.

I plan on making progress each week and keep you up to speed with a countdown.

Have a FANTASTIC day.


Weekend Wrap-Up With Vampires, Stargates and International Incidents.

I'm getting over the Blade 2 mutated vampire virus that hit me Tuesday night. I think that I've beat it, but I can't help but hawk loogies out the window while driving. It grosses my wife out. It also pisses off passing cars. So forgive me if I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I wasn't able to respond to any comments left last week, nor make my way to the other blogs I normally check out.

We met some couples the other night that had almost as many kids as we do. It was weird, I thought we were an extinct species. It was like we had stepped through a Stargate into a world inhabited by early 30's couples with children under five. We actually left two of our kids there. We figured the parents wouldn't notice.

We tried the Kids Eat Free thing yesterday. While they welcomes up with open arms upon entering. My children have these latent super powers that only come out when we are eating in nice restaurants. Does my youngest daughter usually drop a bowl of rice in her carrier at home? No. Does my son start spitting out food into his hand and then rub his face with the same hand usually? No. Does my oldest daughter love looking at running water? Well, yes. But all these things caused an international incident, and I'm pretty sure Mexico now hates America.

I'll leave it at that. Have a great week my friends. God Bless.



Ladybug's Portfolio

Ladybug gets my phone and starts taking pictures. These are the better ones.

It looks like I've been crying. Probably because I was working at home.


Barn Wars: Attack of the Clones

I had another post scheduled for today to be concluded Friday. It touched on a sensitive subject within my family. I decided to pull it at the last moment. Hopefully I will feel more comfortable postingit at a later time. But in it's place, Igive you a blog post I had on my MySpace blog from January 2008.


The other night on the news they started talking about the issue about the possibility of cloned meat being available to consumers through our supermarkets. Cloned meat of course, meaning coming from cloned cows. Now these aren't clones from Vaca Fett the Cow Bounty Hunter in some far reaching scheme by the Empire for complete galaxy control. It is of course regular cows that have been cloned by scientist trying to replicate cow life.

Now while the idea of an army of cloned cows as foot soldiers in the domination of our galaxy does sound like a cool idea on paper, that is not what cows are used for. Cows are used of course for eating their flesh and drinking their milk. Cows are a reason I am part of PETA. People for Eating Tasty Animals. So, the obvious question about the reasoning for cloning cows would be. What do you do with them now that you've cloned them? With the idea of a universal empire out of the question, the only thing left to do is eat them. Because frankly, cows aren't needed for anything else other than drunken nights with rednecks tipping them over.

So, that is where comes the issue. Will stores sell cloned cow soldier meat? HEB says they don't plan on it. Neither does Wal-Mart. But Target is like. "Maybe."

But it's not going to be any time soon. Because cloning a cow is pretty expensive I guess. And the subsequent killing of said cloned footsoldier cow for dismembering and selling in various parts would not equal the total cost it would be to make the godless being. So, what scientist are waiting to do is wait for these cloned cows to have real baby cows and then use them as our possible food product. It makes sense.

I for one, don't care. If it's labled, if it's not labled. I don't care. If it's edible meat. I'll eat it. Put it on a bun, on a plate with mased potatoes. I don't care. I'm easy to please like that.

My wife though. She's more of a "I can't get past the fact it's clone" person. While I doubt she has problems with the fact that they clone cows and chickens and sheep to begin with. She doesn't think that she can mentally put herself past the idea that the meat she is about the eat was not created from the earth.

It's totally like the fact she won't eat the green or purple colored ketchup. It tastes the same. Just looks unnatural.

So, I tried to convince her that there wouldn't be anything wrong with eating cloned cows. So, I tried to turn it around. I asked what if we cloned our dog if we lost the one we had. Nothing. She hates our dog. Then I asked, ok. What if something happened to one of our kid. Your precious sons. Your beautiful daughter. What if you could bring them back through cloning?

She stuck with her guns.. She wouldn't eat them either.

Have a great day my friends.. God Bless

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Crossing the Bridge

The weekend was not very eventful. Though my wife did give me two hours of extra sleep before church yesterday.

God Bless Her.

So, in place of a regular scheduled Weekend Wrap Up.

I'm going tell a quick story about my children.

Since I've been home more, I've had a greater impact on my children. Especially when it comes to discipline, responsibilities and schedules. For a couple weeks, I was putting them to bed at the same time (roughly 8pm).

But I quickly found out that they like to play for an hour and a half before falling asleep. The main offender is my son. While my daughter just wants to either go to sleep or read, her brother will continue to bounce off the walls and throw stuffed animals.

So my solution was to stagger their bed times in hopes that the boy would be asleep from boredom before my daughter gets there. She usually watches the 8pm episode of Wow Wow Wubzy, and is more than ready with no argument when it's her time.

Now after all our chores are done, we get in line and march to the room. My daughter's follow us as well. Beautiful does it because she doesn't want to be left out. Ladybug does it for another reason.

We have this picture hanging in the kids' room.

It was KC's and previously used in MaddSkillz room when he was a baby. My wife said it's a pretty popular picture among Catholics. You can pretty much depict what the picture is about. But almost every night when we're putting her brother down, this is what Ladybug tells him.

"Disco, remember that I am helping you across the bridge so you won't be scared. And the angel is with us on the bridge and Jesus is in the room with us."

He seems content with that nightly message. He's never come to our room crying because he's scared.

His sister on the other hand. Needs to sleep with a lamp on next to her bed.

Maybe she's waiting for Disco to be able to talk and tell her that HE is helping HER across the bridge, so it's OK not to be scared.

I very proud of my kids.

Have a great week my friends.

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