This is from Creative Copy Challenge. The object is to use ten words and build a cohesive story. The ten words are bold. Original Post

The cold dark winter wind bit at Jerome as he sat in the back of the old pick-up truck. He bounced around as the vehicle raced down the interstate. If he didn’t think he was going to die soon, he would never have jumped in the back of this deathtrap. He held pressure on his lower abdomen to keep the bleeding to a minimum. He was thankful for the Samaritan who said would give him a ride to San Antonio from Houston with no questions asked. As cars passed, light would sometimes reflect on objects inside an old hubcap sitting next to him.

His friend, Casper at the liquor store said it was called a USB drive. He was begging for change at a familiar intersection when a car sped by and tossed the object out of his window. Jerome had no idea what it was; it was shiny and looked expensive. He’d been away from home for ten years. He thought maybe he could exchange the treasure for some liquid at Casper’s that would drown a sorrow or two. Casper tried to pull something up on his computer, but nothing happened. Only a name appeared, “Jericho”. He gave it back to Jerome and a forty for his time.

Jerome had gone to his corner to sit and enjoy his liquid amnesia. He noticed a couple of non-descript cars pull up to Casper’s a few minutes later. The visitors left a couple minutes later as quickly as they entered. Within seconds the place exploded. Jerome wasn’t sure if they saw him leave earlier or the stupidity of running from the scene that tipped off the visitors, but it wasn’t long before he noticed the burning in his side and the smell of gunpowder. He didn’t know why they left him for dead instead of following up on their initial attack. Maybe they thought an old homeless drunk wouldn’t be a threat.

He managed to get the bullet out with the old switchblade that currently rattled next to the USB. Is this where his decisions in life have taken him? His mind raced ten years ago to when he left his wife and daughter. He looked at the crumbled picture he always carried of him and his daughter Rose. Ten years on the street did a lot to the good looking man with the sharp haircut and trimmed goatee. He couldn’t remember if Rose had been in kindergarten or first grade in the picture. Regardless, he didn’t know how much time he had left. All he did know was that he needed to tell her something before he might die.

The Samaritan stopped a block away as promised and Jerome jumped from the truck bed. He felt the pain radiate through his torso the second he landed. He grimaced and limped his way back to the familiar house he once shared with his wife. He remembered bringing Rose home from the hospital. He thought of how scared he was when she got real sick shortly after the picture was taken. He couldn’t take the pressure of all the treatments, tubes and tests that were constantly attacking his daughter. A part of him died each time he saw his daughter in pain. So he just left.

For ten years he has beat himself up constantly about his decision. He would fight and clobber and wrestle with his fear of failure to find some excuse not to go back. The six months in what was generously called an asylum didn’t help much either.

So here he was, waiting for her to come outside to go to school. He needed to tell her something. She was the only one he trusted, maybe the only one that could possibly trust him. If only for a minute.

The five hour trip and two hours of waiting finally paid off. Rose came out the front door. He never knew that someone could be so beautiful. He wondered how someone as dirty and broken as he could have a daughter as wonderful and pure as this young lady. He knew it would be hard on her, but he had no other choice. Time was running out. He came out from behind a car as she approached.

“Rose.” Jerome softly spoke.

Rose jumped back and screamed.

“Wait, it’s me. Dad!”

“What?? Who?? Daddy?!?”

“I know I have a lot of explaining to do, but I don’t have much time left. I just need you to know that I’m sorry for leaving. I regretted the decision every day the past ten years. I love you very much and you’re the only one I can trust with this. I hope that you find it in your heart to forgive me someday. Take care of this please, the person on this has caused a lot of hurt and needs to be dealt with. In the name of love, please take this.”

He put it in her trembling hand and walked away. Rose stood frozen, not knowing what to do, say or feel. Jerome turned the corner, sat against a fence and died.

Rose wiped the tears from her eyes, opened her hand and cried as she pressed the picture against her chest.


The Dork, The Hot Chick and Joe's Crab Shack

Saturday January 19th, 2002

After leaving his sister's baby shower, a very nervous dork calls a very hot chick on his pre-paid cell phone and asks if she wants to go out to dinner.

She says yes.

He picks her up at her mother's house. He waits on the couch of the living room. He meets her mother who is watching Pay it Forward. Her mom is super nice and likes the nervous dork.

They go to Joe's Crab Shack and have a great time.

Friday May 16th, 2003

It's the hot chick's birthday, well actually the day before. Our dork is going out of town the next day to a buddy's wedding so this is as close as he can get.

He brings the hot chick to Joe's Crab Shack for the first time since their first date. Their waiter brings a bowl of whipped cream and offers to pay for their food if she can find the cherry before everyone is done singing Happy Birthday. The hot chick's face gets covered in whipped cream. Right before the song is over, someone runs up and informs that they forgot to put the cherry at the bottom.

No free food.

Good times were had by all.

Friday February 27th, 2004

On the way home after work, the hot chick calls the dork and tells him that her son will not be going to his dad's that weekend because of his spelling bee competition on Saturday. The son will be going the next weekend instead.


The dork's mind goes into plan rearrangement mode.

The dork had an engagement ring that was burning a hole in his pocket closing on two weeks now. He was only going to pop the question if the son could be there too. The plan was supposed to be for the following weekend, which is now no good because her son will now be with his father.

The dork calls the hot chick's mom.

She's at Target.

The dork finds her in the party supply row, and asks her what the plans are for tomorrow evening.

She informs the dork that it is Grandpa Flores' birthday and everyone is getting together.

This is perfect.

A year or so earlier, the hot chick had told the dork that she had a dream where he asked her to marry her in front of their families.

He asked her mom if they could have the party at Joe's Crab Shack. She said she could arrange it.

The dork now rushes to where the hot chick's father worked. A co-worker finds him and let's him know the dork is there to see him. The dork apologies for the time and the short notice, but explains that it is very important that his grandson be present at the event and he won't be available for three weeks and the dork can't wait that long.

He asks permission to marry his daughter and he gives his approval on the steps outside a school building at Cornerstone Christian School.

The dork tells him to be at Joe's Crab Shack at 5:30PM the next evening for the proposal.

The dork then calls his brothers and dad to please be there at 5:30PM.

He knows he told them 5:30PM because he said it half a dozen times.

The dork tells their friends that night and tell them the same location and time.

Saturday, February 28th, 2004

The spelling bee went until about 2pm that day. The ring was in the dork's pocket and as the day progressed the more his stomach started to twist in knots.

The hot chick got a call from her mom who told her that Grandpa Flores' birthday will be at Joe's Crab Shack at 4pm. The hot chick thought it was weird, but didn't question.

They meet everyone outside Joe's Crab Shack and exchange pleasantries. Everyone goes inside and sits at the big table set up.

At 4:30, one of the dork's brothers shows up with his fiancé.


He tells them to find a table on the other side of the restaurant and not get noticed by the hot chick.

One brother keeps calling for directions and the dork has to keep getting up from the table to explain to him how to get there. But then they never make it anyways because his wife got sick in the car. Honestly, the dork thinks it was just because she liked being a fun ruiner.

Other people started getting there well before the scheduled time. His father showed up at 5:00. He had specifically told them 5:30pm. Do not come into the restaurant prior to that. It is not like it's freezing outside, they could have stayed in their cars. But no, they had to form a huge gathering at the front door.

Did they want to screw this up for the dork?

Now the dork is extremely nervous. Noticeably nervous. He can't eat his food. Neither can her son. It must have gotten to her as well, because she had to keep going to the bathroom.

At one point the hot chick even passed up one of their friends going to the bathroom.

The dork runs to the front door and introduces everyone. Then runs back to the table before she gets back.

She notices that he's not eating, he blows it off as not being that hungry. She goes to the bathroom yet again and figures that it has to happen now or it will be forever ruined.

She returns to the table and he is not there. He is at the front of the dining area with the house microphone.

He calls her name over the microphone and asks her to stand up, grabbing the attention of the entire group and the entirety of the restaurant.

He goes off about how these events were fast forwarded because someone special had to be here and he couldn't wait three more weeks. He explains how he was supposed to memorize the poem he was about to read, but because he only wrote it two days prior he didn't have time too.

The poem consisted of 102 reasons why he loved the hot chick. He mentioned inside jokes, TV shows they've watched together, movie lines, the way she smiled, laughed, walked and sang. He mentioned the way she touched her nose and how she held his hand. He brought up good times, bad times and perseverance. He included her son and how great of mother she is. He brought up relevant bible verses that pertained to them and the reason why he chose Joe's Crab Shack as a place to propose to the hot chick.

Her mind was racing. She was concerned that the dork hadn't talked to her dad yet, but then saw that he was standing behind the dork. Her only concern now was the fact she hadn't been able to get her eyebrows done.

The dork finished his poem. He then got on one knee and presented her with...

A bowl of whipped cream.

She smiled and laughed then questioned if she had to stick her face in there.

A very nervous dork let her off the hook too quickly and presented her with the box that held her engagement ring.

He placed it on her finger and it fit perfectly.

She says yes.


Totally Worth It

This is from Creative Copy Challenge. The object is to use ten words and build a cohesive story. The ten words are bold. Original Post

A Disclaimer: I was trying something different with this one.

As a glacier to the valley, you formed my soul and being.
My love for you was forever carved on the stone tablet of eternity.

But you’re just an illusion.
An imposter who broke through the shield that protects my heart.

A rancid pile of excrement.
That seeks innocence to drag it into the cesspool of your life.

I’ll give you half my paycheck,
it’s totally worth it.

Better a womanizer
than a coke head.


I'm Terminal.

I'm usually only sick once a year. I was sick on my birthday back in November and I'm not doing so good right now. Well I guess if you go by calendar year I'm still sick once a year.

I don't think I was sick at all in 2009 until my birthday. It needed to get in before the new year I guess.

New year and I'm getting it out of the way now.

So forgive me for no planned blogs this week. I'm probably not going to be able to make my rounds and bring down your blogs with my selfish comments.

Either way, everyone should be happy this week.

Except me, because I'm going to die from what appears to be allergies.

I'll be working on who I bequeath my blog too later.

Have a great and healthy week my friends.


The Further Adventures of Mike Dagger

This is from Creative Copy Challenge. The object is to use ten words and build a cohesive story. The ten words are bold. Original Post

I dare you to kiss me again,” threatened Illiana.

“Don’t mind if I do, Baby Cakes!”

Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage, grabbed the Regulon beauty and laid another kiss on her that made her brain reach hyperactive speeds. She struggled at first, but like all his women, she succumbed to the awesomeness that ebbs from Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage.

Her kiss tasted like earth’s vanilla. Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage visited earth once in his early twenties. But the Prime Minister didn’t much appreciate what Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage did to his daughters.

Or his sisters.

Or his nieces.

Or his wife.

Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage was on the first class-five cargo cruiser taking off on the galactic freeway leaving earth.

Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage released the kiss and Illiana’s knees were weak. She had gone through a lot recently. She hired Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage to find a kidnapped diplomat she worked for. An Emissary from the planet Regulon. Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage found him but it was too late.

He was already dying. He described his killer as a woman with a thorn tattoo on her lower back. Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage thought it was sexy but didn’t share that piece of information with anyone. This went from a kidnapping to a murder. He needed to keep his information to himself. He didn’t know who he could trust.

With her boss now dead, Illiana was unemployed.

“Let’s go Sweet Lips. You can work for me.”

“Do you mean it?” the voice Regulon women had when desperate really turned Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage on.

Would I lie to you, Hot Bottoms?”

Illiana turned to walk away. She looked back over her shoulder giving Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage a look that shook him to the core. He almost didn’t notice a thorn tattoo on her lower back. Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage sighed and pulled his blaster from his holster and shot her dead. Her alien body burnt to a crisp as her skeleton turned to ash and blew away into the Regulon night.

Love never comes easy for Mike Dagger, Intergalactic Man of Espionage.


Randomness and Cynicism IV

It's another edition of Randomness and Cynicism AKA, I have no topic ready for today.

I got a new toy Wednesday. My wife and I both got T Mobile MyTouches. These are our first internet savvy phones. And let me tell you something,

They are Evil Tools of Procrastination!!

If you already have one or an iPhone/iTouch you know this.

Wednesday night I went app happy. I loaded anything that looked like something I could waste my time with. Yesterday I came back down to earth and deleted things like 'Starbucks Locator' and 'Clubber Lang Soundboard'.

I'm streamlining it to stuff I usually do on the web anyways. Emails, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Photos.

My favorite ones so far are Pandora, The Weather Channel, and The Bible.

I know, I know.. I'm a wild and crazy guy.

With this new phone, it pretty much means the end of Ladybug's Portfolio.


Nana got the kids McDonald's Wednesday. It was supposed to be toys from The Penguins of Madagascar, but I guess they ran out and screwed the children with 'Gloria' the hippo from Madagascar. It's packaged as a Madagascar 2, but she has the phrases from M1.


One main reason I'm happy with my new phone is that MaddSkillz does not have one. I say this because I was envious that he had an iTouch and NEVER let me look at it. He was afraid that I would somehow corrupt it or something. I would constantly remind him how I would always let him play games on my phone or computer with out any questions. I took it personally as he feels he could not trust me.

I was waiting for him to ask if he could see it so I could say.


But he knew that I would say that after all his selfishness with his toy. So he didn't ask to look at it and I could tell he wanted too.

So I just offered it up to him when we got home on Wednesday to check it out. I honestly have no problem with him looking at it or doing things on it, I just don't understand his unchanging stance on not letting me mess with his stuff.


My 4YO started calling me "Dad" last night.

Are you serious?!?

I know she was doing it because it bothered me. But still.

She did it to her mother last week as well, calling her "Mom".

But the natural order of things will be that she will eventually called "Momma", "Mom". I should always be "Daddy".


My wife got a new haircut she didn't like. It's super short. She went in for a Posh Spice and came back with a Catherine Zeta-Jones from Chicago look. She's a chick and obviously knows more about chick haircuts than I do. But she posted her pic on Facebook because her fans were clamoring for it. Of course there were the positive reviews, but there was this dude who I assumed went to school with her that said,

"Very cute. And, your smile is still contagious."

He must have had problems with his server because the comment came through twice.

So I replied with a "Simmah Down There"

I gave her a hard time about it the next day. Was I jealous, I don't think so. Heck, I know who she goes to bed with every night. But was this appropriate? Especially on a post where I commented as well? I felt that it was inappropriate.

She has friends that I have no problem with, but I know them. They can say that "it looks nice" or "hot momma" and I have no reservations against them. My concern was that when I went to his profile, I could not tell how he knew her. He appeared to be a single guy and I figured he was just one of those Facebook/MySpace guys who comment on the girls they think are hot in order to solicit some sort of return conversation.

Turns out it's a guy she went to school with. That didn't make it any less inappropriate. Then her mother said what if he was gay. I still said I wasn't jealous, I would be probably be okay with it because there would be no intentions on the other end.

Am I overreacting?


Back to my 4YO daughter. The other day, Ladybug was wanting something from the fridge. I told her "not right now" a few times. After finally giving up, she walked away with a big "Huunnnnhh!!" If you have a daughter, you know what I'm talking about.

Well, I stopped that right there and said not to walk away grunting like that if she does not get what she wants.

Her reply.

"I was just breathing."

50% Mother's Attitude / 50% Daddy's Sarcasm

I sent her away because I couldn't keep a straight face.


Oh! Since I got the new phone, I have yet to give the kids a bath or feed them anything more nutritious than Cheez-Its.

Have a great weekend my friends.

And while you're at it... Scope out these dads over at for Fatherhood Friday who I would also have problems with telling my wife her smile is contagious.


MaddSkillz HEARTS NY

I know you can't tell by my youthful good looks, but I am the father of a fourteen year old son. MaddSkillz was born when I was 21 years old. I was a Junior in college and I had other priorities. My own priorities or lack of anything responsible continued for the next six years. He didn't even register in my mind. In fact, I didn't even know he existed until I met his mother in 2001.

So in 2005 when I married his mom, he became my son. Now he is 14 and he has his own priorities.

He started participating in school plays in sixth grade and has had the theatre bug ever since. He's been in a few productions and even had a musical earlier this school year. He's really excited and would like to take this passion into something more professional once school is over.

We've had our share of fund raisers with him. Most of them resulted in us buying the last few items so he could get the light up pen and AM/FM flying disc. It puts us out a few bucks, but nothing can compare to what he wants to do next year.

Spring Break 2011 Theatre Arts is sponsoring a trip to New York City. Yep, New York, New York. The city so nice they named it twice. You can guess this is more than a light up pen, and this is going to cost me more than a few bucks at the end of it all.

You guess correctly. Estimated cost of the trip is $1450.00.

Apparently, each kid gets their own private Gulfstream 5, limo and presidential suite.

I asked if Southwest flies to New York and if they could stay in a hostel or even with my mother who lives in Manhattan.

My conservative ideas are laughed at and ridiculed, then I am called lame by my son.

KC encouraged me that fund raisers are in place to help the kids earn their trip money. The trip covers everything but souvenirs and lunches. We figured that $600.00 would be sufficient. We decided that we could somehow find a way to get $600.00 to pay for his spending money.

We have idea for the other $1450.00. One was that we could ask each of my mother in laws friends for five bucks. She knows so many people that we would have the money in no time. We're going to ask family members, maybe do bar-bq plates, et al. But the main thing is that we're going to have MaddSkillz work for this because it is something that he wants.

The $600.00?!? We feel that it is something that we can provide for our son as a gift of such. Still, $600.00 is still a lot of money as it is.

But no sooner did we decide that we were going to pay for his spending money; I get an email from a company to put TWO links on my blog AND PAY FOR DOING SO!!

Blogging is finally paying me back!!!

Oh wait.. I have this big thing coming next year.


So I said that I would put the money that I get from pimping out my blog into the MaddSkillz New York Fund. I got paid 400 bucks on Tuesday and it's going to his trip.

By doing nothing, we're already 1/5th of the way there. If dollars were miles, he'd be a few miles short of Memphis.

I mentioned the other day, that I put a counter on the blog to track his progress. Along with everything else we have planned, I figure I could at least put it out there to see if any of my three readers would want to contribute. If not, cool.

But don't think this will be the last time I ask. I plan on having him write a post asking for assistance as well as a Q&A to guilt you into contributing.

It's all on you.

So that's where we are. As soon as this companies check clears, you'll see that I sold out. All I really care about is that he has a great time and he gets me an "I LOVE NY" AM/FM Flying Disc.

Have you had to raise an exorbitant amount of money? What ways did you go about it?

Have a great day my friends.


Previously On Lost Has Moved

In an effort to keep this blog mainly about my antics as a parent. I made a blog exclusively for my discusssion on Lost.

You can check it out here or subscribe to it here.

This way those Lost Dorks who don't care about parenting don't need to hear about my cute kids the other 4 days of the week.



Valentine's Day Dinner... A Day Late

I had this idea for Valentine's Dinner. But on Valentine's day I got 2 and 6 numbers on the Super Mega Bonus Lotto and plans kind of changed.

Because I really wanted to include my daughter in the process, KC suggested that we delay the dinner until Monday.

My idea was to make hamburgers that are in the shape of hearts.

I called the theorized food Heart Burgers.

If I had the time I would make the patties myself, but I've gotten real OCD when it comes to cooking recently. So I felt it would be best if I get the frozen patties and use a cookie cutter shaped like a heart for shaping the patties.

The only problem was that I couldn't find a heart shaped cookie cutter. Four stores and nothing. At the last store, I pulled a MacGyver and purchased a discounted Valentine candy box to use as the heart template.

I took the lid off and gave the rest of it to the kids. They played the monkey sounds over and over again. I do not know where the thing is currently. That means I'm going to walk through my house later tonight trying to be quiet and then get yelled at by recorded angry simian after stepping on it.

Ladybug helped me cut the burgers into the heart shapes. All the excess meat was smooshed together to form a little heart for Celi.

As you can see, they came out pretty good. They came out better than I expected anyways. I didn't think I could pull it off, so if they even remotely resembled a heart I took it as a win.

Everyone enjoyed the burgers except Disco. He's in that terrible two's stage where he just doesn't eat. I took it personally and put him in time out until bed time.

Even though we had it a day later, and it we didn't do anything more than cut the patties; I know that Ladybug enjoyed herself and will more than likely remember it for a while.

Do you have any traditions that you have with your children on Valentine's Day?

Have a great day my friends.


Happy Birthday George!

Shout out to William Henry Harrison today. Sure you were only president for 32 days, but you will live forever in Wikipedia trivia. Happy President's Day my friends.

For those of us who do not work for the United States government or live outside the United States, welcome back to the start of your week. I used to despise federal holidays. Usually because they always fell on Mondays. Sure it was cool when I was in school but when I became a home owner, it sucked cranberry sauce. Mainly because trash pick up days were on Monday as well. When you have a family of six, you tend to collect garbage and stinky diapers more often than your average 2.5/person family. I think that maybe San Antonio city government read an old MySpace blog rant of mine about the subject and they changed it to Wednesday and Saturday.

Now I just need to work on getting my son to take out the garbage on those days without being told.


Speaking of my son, we took him out to dinner Saturday night. KC and I scheduled to spend time with him without any of his younger siblings around. He's a 14 year old teenager and he's at that point of his life where her feels all we want to do is restrict his freedom and change diapers. So in the continuing effort to schedule more family time, along with Bolton Family Movie Night, we plan MaddSkillz Time. We took him to his favorite restaurant, Red Lobster. I'm okay with Red Lobster and I wouldn't make it my favorite, but it was his time.

My son has this mutant ability to order the most expensive item on the menu. It's not like he purposely seeks out the high priced item, it just always ends up that way. Most of the time we tell him to pick something else, but Saturday we let him order the Snow Crab Legs.

Seriously, what 14 year old wants to order this?

My wife and I get a reasonably priced item, then save the leftovers for lunch the next day. My son NEVER has leftovers. It's one of those crazy idiosyncrasies that my children exhibit.

On the same note of MaddSkillz, he's going to New York next year with theater. He needs to raised $2000.00 bucks for the trip. I will get into the trip later and try to get him on here to solicit money, but I put a donate now widget on the site to keep track of the progress.

After dinner, we kicked MaddSkillz to the curb and the wife and I went to a movie. As the years pass, I tend to get to the movies only once a year. So instead of using that one chance to see Iron Man 2 this summer, we went to see Valentine's Day. KC and I had a good time. It was nice to get out of the house twice in the same week.

Shout out again to Nana and Grandpa Robert for letting us spend our Valentine's Day a day early.

It was a six number weekend. Ladybug went to Houston this weekend with my father. It was my grandfather's birthday last week, and my grandmother asked if she could come up with my dad if he makes the trip. She LOVES going to Houston. The only thing is that thinks that my grandparent's house is actually Houston.

Bless her cute little heart.

After we kicked MaddSkillz out of the van, I get a text from my aunt that is thanking me for letting Ladybug go visit. Before I had a chance to reply, I get another message with this picture attached.

Now I know that these were all props to try and irritate me because we try to limit the amount of junk food our kids take in. if my three readers didn't know, my dad lives with us. He helps offset the cost of the mortgage since KC stays at home with the children. The kids love it when he comes home because he always has french fries or Chinese food. He started buying extra servings because they go eat his food while he's trying to eat it himself.

Many a times he has giving them candy and soda without our knowledge. We've requested that he doesn't give them these things in excess, but he pulls the grandpa card. It's nice to know that things haven't changed over the years. He didn't listen to me when I was growing up, why start now right?


During our five years of marriage, we only had one Valentine's tradition that stayed constant. That tradition was a baby being born approximately nine months later.

Ladybug/Disco - October
Celi - November

I believe that this year we went off tradition finally.

God Bless You Mirena!

Have a GREAT week my friends.


My Many Valentines

It may surprise a lot of you, but I haven't always been the suave, atheltic, sophisticated, aristocrat that you subscribe to on a daily basis.

Contrary to popular belief, I used to be a dork.

I know! I know! That idea is so foreign in your mind, that you would probably give yourself an embolism just trying to comprehend that thought.

Even though I was a dork, and when I put my heart into it, I could pull off some pretty impressive Valentine's Day celebrations.

It wasn't until I met KC that I would set the bar higher and higher each year. By the time we got married, the bar was so high that it was impossible to even remotely not look like a dork anymore. Needless to say that my wife's Valentine's Days with me as her husband have been mostly a bust. I bet you can ask her if she remembers any Valentine's Day after we got married or ones before we got married. She'll remember the ones from before.

Now in my fifth year of marriage, I not only have her as a Valentine, I also have five children. I do have plans for this Valentine's Day. They may not be all that special, but it'll be something that we can do as a family. Due to baby sitting arrangements, I'm actually taking my wife out on Saturday night.

None of my lonely, loveless friends or relatives wanted to watch my kids on Sunday.

But to My Many Valentines, I love you all. You make my life complete and I cherish you every day. I thank God for you all and I am blessed to be able to call you mine. Thank you for letting me love and care for you.

My Valentine Em

My Valentine Celi

My Valentine Disco

My Valentine Ladybug

My Valentine MaddSkillz

My Main Loving Beautiful Caring Smart and Awesome Valentine, KC

I love you all. Thanks for making Valentine's Day and EVERYDAY special.

Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day my friends.

And while you're at it, check out some Daddy Valentine's over at for Fatherhood Friday.


The Angel, The Gangsta, and The Ninja. Ladybug's Portfolio

Ladybug's Portfolio is a collection of pictures taken by my 4 year old daughter from my cell phone. Usually I do not know they exist until I go through my pictures. These are her better ones.

The Angel, The Gangsta, and The Ninja

Story Behind The Picture: It's been a while since I posted this feature. Partly due to her lack of quality pictures. She was really disappointing me. Then I was going through the pictures and found these jewels. This is most definitely going into her wedding slide show.

Have a great day my friends.


Previously On Lost..... What Kate Does

I will tell you what Kate does. She pisses the crap out of me when it is one of her centric episodes. Ugh, shoot her already.

I was going to post a recap of what happened, but I'm short on time today. Plus, I just can't get behind a Kate episode like this.

There wasn't a lot of big reveals this episode, but there were some surreal moments.


Kate-X's on the run in 2004-X after she carjacks a cabbie and gets all emotinal about mugging Claire-X.

Ethan Goodspeed. In the real timeline he was known as Ethan Rom. But since his mom escaped the island before Jack blew it the stink up, he did not become the super powered Other. He showed great emotion and hopes for Claire-X's baby. Like he did in real timeline.

Kate-X was there when Claire-X went into labor. I thought that Kate-X was going to deliver Claire-X's baby like she did on the island. Not just yet.

I didn't catch anything else in 2004-X. Did you?


Well, Sayid is not Jacob incarnate but on his way to becoming evil possesed.

Jack gets beat down again for the third episode in a row.

I really like Lennon and Dogen of the Pirate Others. Are they really the good guys? Have they been the good guys all along and Ben's group were splintered from them?


The two big reveals in the real timeline was that Claire had taken a bath in the Lazarus Pool, become infected like Sayid has, and is now the Island's resident booby trap making crazy lady.

So My Discussion Question:
What's up with Claire?

Sorry for the lackadaisical effort today. But I did not enjoy the majority of the episode. Especially the half taken up by Kate-X.

I'll work on something to make next week a little more interesting.

Have a great day my friends.


A Quick Escape

Last night, my wife and I had a semi-impromptu date. Nana and Grandpa Robert were bribed graciously came over to watch the Bolton Brood. The original plan was to go to a movie screening, but the tickets never came through and we opted to go out to dinner instead. Since we had no kids, I could treat my woman to the finer, classier places in San Antonio.

The Olive Garden.

Honestly with no kids, Taco Bell would have been one of the finer, classier places in San Antonio.

It was weird. We rarely leave the house on a week night, but I noticed that a lot of the restaurants were packed. Is this what people do when they have no kids? Go out all the time?

At the O.G., the hostess set up the most obvious joke at any restaurant by saying, "Walk this way."

Any quick witted dad with no kids in tow would have immediately starting mimicking her strut.

But it was a normal walk.

Lame joke never happened.

But even the lamest joke is a pretty dang cool joke when you don't have any kids with you.

I did think it was odd because they took us to the back of the restaurant where there weren't a lot of people. My first thought was that they put us back her because we're an inter-racial couple. It's like they have a respectable business to run and they can't have no white boy with Hispanic jungle fever sitting by a window driving away potential clientele.

In hindsight, I'm thinking they put us in the back because we had no children, and that was the area with the lowest density of children.

KC had been on some medication the past week that prevented her from breast feeding during that time. So our first thought was that we can have an alcoholic beverage since we have no kids to worry about, influence or endanger.

Shout out to Kevin, our waiter, for the awesome wine suggestion.

Or was it Jason?

I'm such a light weight now that one glass of wine makes me forget your name.

Our food was excellent. I can honestly say that if there were any kids there, the food would have not been as delicious as it was with them absent from the event. I think it was the first warm meal that I had in a long time. Every other meal I've had my time as a father always seemed to cool down before I was able to take the first bite for some unknown reason.

We went to Starbucks after dinner to get rid of the buzz, and then wandered around Kohl's for an hour because we are lame.

Also because we wanted to milk every minute of having no kids with us.

We got home at 9:30 and Grandpa was missing, yet no one seemed concerned.

The night ended like any normal night when you have kids; Disco not going to sleep, Em fussing, dirty dishes in the sink and laundry on the bed.

I fell asleep with Em on the couch because she missed her dad so dang much and wouldn't go to sleep any other way. Ladybug found her way into our room in my absence and Celi just felt like screaming at 3:30 in the morning.

I guess they showed us what happens when the parental units get out of the house for some alone time.

We're going to drag major butt today because of the kids last night.

But it was totally worth it.

Have a great day my friends.


Super Mega Bonus Lotto

Having five children can get a bit overwhelming as expected. They wake up before God does and won't go to sleep until you take them down with Benadryl Tranquilizers. The in-between time could consist of crying, fighting, screaming, whining, not listening, running, slamming, hurting, arguing, and down right localized destruction. So every once in a while when one or more of them leave the house with KC or go with their grandparents somewhere, it's like winning the Super Mega Bonus Lotto.

This weekend, I won the Super Mega Bonus Lotto a few times. Nana took Disco to spend the night at her house on Friday. Saturday, KC took Ladybug to a card cutting party. Then yesterday, Nana took Disco and Ladybug to a Super bowl get together.

Depending on which kid is gone, it increases my chance of getting a better payout.

Have you ever had a puppy? You know when you're eating something; the puppy will come up to you with sad eyes and beg for a bite. It doesn't matter what it is. The puppy will always come to you and want to try whatever you're eating. That's MaddSkillz. When he sees his mother or I eating, snacking, drinking something and it is currently not in his mouth; he'll want it to be in his mouth. So when he's not around. I know that I can enjoy my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream without sad eyes puppy thinking we let him starve for not offering him any.

Super Mega Bonus Lotto Winning Numbers: 2. Not so much a win, it sucks that you spent your money. The only thing you lost was your ice cream.

My 15 month old daughter isn't that bad. Usually when she's gone, it's just not as many diaper changes. She's been the easiest between her, Disco and Ladybug.

Super Mega Bonus Lotto Winning Numbers: 3. You at least get your money back.

She's only 6 weeks old. It is just the obvious maintenance jobs with her. If she's gone I'm not stressing out because she won't let me put her down or stay asleep while I worry about the other children.

Super Mega Bonus Lotto Winning Numbers: 4. It’s not hitting the jackpot, but you can get yourself something nice.

My two year old son is a cannon ball. When he's not home I can expect no fighting whatsoever. Now this is not because he is an instigator. But because his older sister loves to pick on him and he'll pick back. Ladybug doesn't fight with Celi so with him out of the picture, no fights. There will also be no sneaking into rooms he shouldn't be in. The other kids are also able to fall asleep and stay that way when he is not home. If we put his little sister to bed and then put him down half and hour later, he will shake his sister’s crib, yelling her name to wake her up so they can play.

Super Mega Bonus Lotto Winning Numbers: 5. You're excited about getting that many numbers, yet disappointed that you couldn't get all six.

My four year old daughter seems to cause the most ripples in the house. I noticed that when she's not home, I can watch whatever the heck I want to on my TV. Sure I should be able to take control whenever I want too. But sometimes, it's just not worth the trouble. The fits and temper tantrums will also be at a decline when she is elsewhere. Screaming at siblings will be at a decline and if the other kids are napping, it means I can too. There will be no talking back when you tell her that she can't do or have something.

Super Mega Bonus Lotto Winning Numbers: 6. Total Jackpot.

I know this seems bad. Especially for my first born. They are all blessings. And to follow up, while I might celebrate or encourage that they go hang out elsewhere, I eventually start to miss them. Then when they get home, I can't do anything but hug, squeeze, and kiss them.

And honestly, I'd take them over Super Mega Bonus Lotto Winnings any day of the week.

Am I alone in my celebratory thinking when a child of mine is out of the house temporarily?

This weekend, Chris over at SAHD in Lansing, was very generous and did a very flattering and unexpected review of my blog. If you don't follow him, please go check him out.

You can check out the review here.

Have a great week my friends.


Dirty Jobs

A cold bug has hit my house. It appears to only affect the female children right now. It started with Celi, stopped by to nag Ladybug and has set up shop with my five week old, Em.

Ladybug she is old enough to take the children cold medicines. They suppress it enough for her to feel okay in the interim. When she had her tonsils and adenoids removed last year, she was rehabilitated with popsicles. She now believes that popsicles are the cure for soar throat and runny noses. Which is fine with us. It keeps the whining and complaining to a minimum.

With Celi and Em, popsicles are not an option. They can't blow their own nose and they start to gag on their own snot.

Enter Torquemada, a.k.a. KC, my wife. Her way of torture clearing out their airways is with saline solution spray and the blue nasal plunger thing. If you have never had to perform one of these procedures to your own kids, it is equally comparable to that of water boarding.

The kids kick and scream as she restrains them in the attempt to help their breathing.

I am forced to participate outside my own free will. With the older kids I must hold their legs down while they look at me and say, "Et tu, Daddy?!?"

It breaks my heart. There are times where I've wanted to slap the torture devices out of her hands, grab her prisoners and make a run for it. But then her mind control powers keep me in check.

My wife is a telepath that rivals Professor Charles Xavier.

I have tried to escape with the children during the allergy season. But we didn't make it very far on account we don't know how to pack our suitcases or prepare for long escape trips without my wife.

It's a thankless job my wife has. She does all the dirty work because I can't. She clips the nails and takes the rectal temperatures. I tried clipping my son's nails once and drew blood. I tried taking Ladybug's rectal temperature once and she pooped at me. Usually I'm about doing something until I get it right, but sometimes I have to play good cop to my wife's bad cop.

I know she would love it if I did the dirty stuff once in a while, but it ain't going to happen. Just like I don't expect to see her climbing in the attic to rearrange our crap or climbing on the roof to patch up a leak. But without her perceived "dirty jobs", my kids or I wouldn't be where we were today.

Have a great weekend my friends.

While you're at it, check out these other dirty jobbers over at for Fatherhood Friday.


The Blogger's Court

What you are about to witness is real. The participants are not actors. They are actual litigants with a case pending between each other. Both parties have not agreed to drop their claims and have their cases settled here before Juggling Eric's Three Jurors, in our forum: The Blogger's Court.

The Plaintiff: KC. She claims the defendant her husband dropped the ball when it came to getting Tim McGraw concert tickets for this upcoming weekend's show. She's seeking tickets that are not sitting next to cumulus clouds.

The Defendant: Eric. He claims that he got mixed signals from his wife when it came to purchasing the event tickets.

Plaintiff: My husband knows that Tim McGraw is my most favorite person ever on this earth, and he had plenty of knowledge and time to purchase the tickets when I informed him of the upcoming concert this past November. It is now February, the concert is on February 6th and I have no tickets.

Defendant: The Plaintiff called me at work on the day she found out about the concert. Knowing my wife's unhealthy admiration for the country star, I pulled up and searched for two reasonably priced tickets for the event.

Plaintiff: Yeah, nose bleeds.

Defendant: Reasonably priced! The only options at the time were $200.00, $54.00, and $25.00 tickets. I had two $25.00 tickets ready for purchase and asked her if that was okay and she said she didn't know.

Plaintiff: Why couldn't he just surprise me?

Defendant: This was going to be a major purchase. How was she going to be surprised? She's the one who balances the check books. She sees a purchase from ticketmaster, she'll know I would have gotten the tickets.

Plaintiff: I would have been surprised!! Hello?!?

Defendant: Honestly, I believe it had to do with the location of the tickets. They were the least expensive tickets available. She wanted the tickets where Tim McGraw's sweat would land on her.

Plaintiff: I've given him four kids personally, I see no problem with that.

Defendant: It's not that I'm a cheap skate, I could not in good faith buy $200.00 tickets for anything.

Plaintiff: We paid $150.00 for two tickets to WrestleMania.

Defendant: They were the cheapest available and we cleared it with you as well.

Plaintiff: Then what about the mid-range tickets?

Defendant: The $54.00 tickets were TWO ROWS in front of the $25.00 tickets! I was being reasonable. I highly doubt that Tim's audio level will change much in six feet.

Plaintiff: So you think. I was totally fine with you getting one $200.00 ticket and then you can have your El Cheapo ticket.

Defendant: Why not I just stay in the car then. That way you can tell Tim all about the dream you had about him and how it was "pleasant".

Plaintiff: I object to the relevance of that statement. If money was a factor, you could have gotten them when you bought my Christmas presents. Who buys their wife an iron and oven mitts for Christmas?

Defendant: I asked her repeatedly if she wanted me to get them for her. Each time the answer was "I don't know." She never brought it up herself.

Plaintiff: This goes back to the whole, just surprise me.

Defendant: Ugh. If we don't have the money, the surprise would have been that the electricity would have been shut off right before they repossessed our van. Then she brings it up THIS WEEK, a few days from the concert.

Plaintiff: I was just testing the waters to see if I would be getting them.

Defendant: Well her subtle hint lead me to the computer again to purchase the tickets.

Plaintiff: Yeah, and who was going to watch our kids on short notice?

Defendant: So I was going to buy only ONE ticket.

Plaintiff: I would have a hard enough time getting around town by myself as it is. I wouldn't know how to get to the concert.

Defendant: And I have offered to purchase a GPS for her months ago as well and she said the same thing!!! I rest my case.

Who is guilty? Who is innocent? The testimonies have been set before you. Now it's up to you. Who was right? Does Eric need to hurry up and get the tickets or does KC just need to wait until next time?


Previously on Lost... LA X

Last night was the start of the final season of LOST. It started a few minutes before the plane was supposed to crash. There was some turbulence but the crash was avoided and flight 815 landed safely. It also showed the island in this timeline. It had sank to the bottom of the ocean.

So it appeared Jack's planned worked. But then we see everyone from 1977 at the hatch site. Only it us after the Swan hatch site in 2007. We don't get an explanation as to why they are at that particular time or why a flashlight and Dharma van came with them, but we can assume that they were sent to the year they should be at considering their regular timeline.

A Dead Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him to take a dying Sayid to the Temple. Sawyer buries Juliet and Miles said that Juliet was going to tell Sawyer that the plan worked.

So we have everyone on the island in the real timeline and we have everyone landing safely in an alternate timeline. Which I will use "X" to differentiate.

We see Boone-X on the plane talking to Locke-X. Shannon-X decided to not come from Australia in this timeline. Charlie-X tried swallowing his drugs, almost dies and is saved by Jack-X. Charlie-X is arrested once the plane lands. Hurley-X tells Artz-X that he won the lotto, but then tells Sawyer-X that he has good luck. Jin-X and Sun-X are the same they were at the very beginning of the series an Kate-X is in The Mars-X's custody still.

On the plane Desmond-X appears and is sitting next to Jack-X for a little bit. Upon landing, Kate-X escapes and jumps in a cab with Claire-X and forces the driver to take off. Jack-X's father's coffin is lost. Locke-X is still in a wheelchair, talks to Jack-X and Jack-X offers a free surgery to Locke-X to try and fix his disability.

Back on the island. Fake-Locke is revealed to be The Smoke Monster who is Jacob's Nemesis. It kills a few people from Team Illiana including Bram the Hairless Polar bear. Bram made a circle of ash to try and stop Smokey but Bram only made an oval apparently. It's just like that SpongeBob episode with the Sea Bear attacking Squidward. Smokey tells Ben that he wants to go home. Leaves the statue, tells everyone that he's pissed at them and knocks Richard the stink out.

At the temple, Pirate Others have captured everyone and were convinced into helping Sayid by Hurley. They put him in a Lazarus Pool, he appears to be coming back to life but they tell Jack that he is dead. Hurley tells the Pirate Others that Jacob is dead and they freak out and barricade everything. They put ash around the perimeter and get ready for an attack. Oh, Cindy, Zack and Emma from the tail section are now Pirate Others. Sayid wakes up and wonders what the heck is going on.

Questions for discussion.
1. Did Cindy, Emma and Zack flash around the island with the other Losties last season?
2. Have the appearances of Christian, Yemi and other dead people on the island been The Nemesis the entire time?
3. Did the events in 1977 on the island affect the survivors life OFF the island prior to 815?
4. Why was Hurley-X lucky? Did he win the Lotto with a different set of numbers?
5. Why was Desmond-X on the plane at that particular moment in time?
6. Is Locke-X really The Nemesis?
7. Is Sayid now Jacob incarnate?

My Answers
1. Unless being a Pirate Other makes you immune to flashing around, then I would say they did travel through time when the island was skipping in Season 5. But since they were were barefoot and wearing puffy pirate shirts, they weren't questioned.
2. Yes.
3. I say it did somehow. Why else would Shannon-X not be on the plane and Hurley-X be lucky?
4. If the island is underwater, then there would be no broadcasting of the numbers. Which would mean that if Hurley-X was in the crazy house, the guy he got the numbers from would never have heard them transmitted.
5. Not sure about this one. Maybe something to do with what he would have been doing at that point in the original timeline. Does Desmond have the ability to shift between realities?
6. Could be.
7. Could be.

Your turn. Discuss.


The n00b

Living in San Angeles, A.K.A. "Hero City" has its ups and downs for Stanley J. Kirby. For instance, he lives in a city that has a nice population of super heroes. What could be better that that? There have been occasions that Stanley has met a few super powered individuals. He once ran into the Gamma Ray Gunslinger at Burger Bell. He was ordering a chimmy chonga. Stanley ordered the same thing so he could tell his friends that they ordered the same thing. There was this one time right after college that he shared a cab with Midget Tosser. Stanley was so enamored; he actually paid for The Tosser's fare. What was cool about that event is that Midget Tosser was on his way to his girlfriend's condo. The Amazonian Astronaut and Midget Tosser were in all the tabloids. It was scandalous. That day Amazonian Astronaut broke off their six year relationship. Midget Tosser added an "M" to his costume, turned to a life of crime and called himself the "Mad Midget Tosser."

Stanley works at Computropolis. Its an electronics' store that has comparable prices to other major discount centers. He's the manager of the video game department. Often there are times he invites his friends to the store after it closes. They usually order pizza and play Danger Zone 4. They challenge other clans around the world on the X-Station Wii-Sixty Live Network.

Sometimes, El Supremo Maximo's assistant, Kate, comes to the store. She always uses Stanley to make her purchases for El Supremo Maximo. Kate gave up a career in journalism to assist Maximo. She's mentioned to Stanley on numerous occasions, that working with Maximo beats meeting deadlines any day. El Supremo Maximo is the leader of the heroes in Hero City. He's the reason why ordinary people decide to be super heroes. You don't really need super powers per se. To be a hero, you just need to pass an ethics exam and pay your quarterly dues.

A villain in San Angeles on the other hand, just needs to commit a crime. Some criminals are pretty lame though. Just last week The Poodle Prince was arrested for stealing gumball machines. The thing about The Poodle Prince is he doesn't use poodles and does not have any royal blood in his body. But there are plenty of legit bad guys in the Villains Guild.

Negaton, the leader of the guild has escaped from numerous times from the super detention facility in the middle of the New Mexican desert. Its simply know as Sector Sixteen. Powers are negated when an inmate is processed, so escape is not really an option with temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit and sun rays that could melt an engine block of a 1979 Buick Regal.

Yesterday marked the eight times Negaton has escaped. It had been in all the news outlets for people to be on the lookout. The search has been on for close to eighteen hours. Out of all the cities and countries in the world, Negaton ALWAYS comes back to San Angeles. It was more than likely some sort of retaliation against his arch nemesis, El Supremo Maximo. Captain Glory had been on television warning the citizens of San Angeles to stay out of high rises and avoid public transportation until they can confirm he is not in the city.

Stanley was watching the press conference on one of many plasma televisions at Computropolis. It was his night to close the store. Usually he'd have his friends over, but Kate asked him to breakfast in the morning and he wants to fresh and ready to go. Sometimes the game nights can go to four in the morning. Stanley usually lets the others go right away. As long as everyone does their job its no big deal closing at night.

On his way to his car, Stanley noticed a shooting star. He was about to make a wish but the "star's" trajectory started falling in his direction. He started running back to the store as the object crashed into the parking lot. The sound of the crash knocked Stanley to the concrete and blew out the windows of the store front.

Stanley brought himself to his feet and peered in the direction of the impact zone. He inched closer to the edge of the crater. The smoke started to clear and he could see something, someone moving. Dust and dirt started to clear and Stanley recognized the Green, Red and White armor. It was El Supremo Maximo.


Without a word, Maximo lifted his hand to Stanley for help. On instinct, Stanley reached out to help his hero. As he grabbed Maximo's hand, Stanley's insides started to burn. His skin seemed to bubble at the internal fire flaming inside. Stanley wanted to let go but couldn't. The burning stopped as Maximo let go. Confused, Stanley backed away from the defeated hero. No words could form as Stanley's mouth moved. Was he now mute? More than likely he was in shock.

As his hearing returned he heard the grinding of gears. The sound became louder and louder. It became almost deafening as a giant boom knocked Stanley down again. This time he wasn't thrown as far or hurting as much. In fact he felt no pain.

Back at the crater, he saw someone climb out.


No, it was Negaton. He was holding Maximo's armor and had an evil grin on his mechanical face. He approached Stanley without a word and lifted his cannon and fired.

Stanley thought he was surely dead. Instead the energy from the cannon seemed to be stored in his body. When Negaton noticed he wasn't dead, lifted his cannon again and fired. Stanley lifted his hands to block the attack, but felt energy leave his body. He looked at Negaton who was now covered in flames. He ran away from Stanley and took off in the air. A trail of fire and smoke followed him. He crashed in the park on the other side of the street.

Stanley didn't know what just happened. Within a few seconds construction crews were on the scene cleaning the place up. A limousine pulled up next to Stanley. The door opened and Captain Glory stepped out. Stanley usually would have freaked out seeing the heroes second in command. But with tonight's events, nothing surprised him anymore.

"Come take a ride with me. We need to talk to you about a new career field, noob."


Previously on Lost

Tonight is the beginning of the end for the TV show Lost. The sixth and final season starts tonight on ABC. I remember seeing previews for the first season and my wife and I wondered how the heck they would be able to make a series about being stranded on an island.

Oh how naive we were. The first episode in we were hooked.

Each season finale made me wish that the show came on every week.

With the events of Season Five's finale, my house had a collective "Wha?!" when it ended.

February 2nd couldn't get here fast enough. Well it's here. For those of you who haven't seen Lost; after you slap yourself in the face, check out the video below that will catch you up on everything.

Lost in 8:15

Now that you're all caught up, I will use Tuesdays to discuss my Dorky Lost Theories.

Tonight's show is called LAX. Which is the name of the Los Angeles Airport where flight 815 was scheduled to land after taking off from Sydney Australia. The title alone tells me that the theory to reset time with the hydrogen bomb worked. The plane lands at LAX and the survivors who are actually no longer survivors in the same sense, go on to live their lives like they should have originally.

Jack is depressed about his dad and is quickly becoming an alcoholic.

Kate is still arrested but will escape to run once again.

Claire will take her unborn baby to the prospective parents.

The fan favorites that died during the show such as Charlie, Boone, and Eko will be back. At least for the first episode. But course correction will kill them yet again.

Very Sad.

But here's something else. While the plane eventually doesn't crash, the 1977 survivors will still be in 1977 and continue the events on the island not knowing if they changed things or not.

The bomb actually worked and caused time to change, but it actually created an alternate timeline which causes the plane to land in 2004. We've already seen effects of the time change towards the end of season five when Sun, Fake-Locke and Ben were at Otherville and it was in ruins. Sure some could say that was due to Mr. Keamy and his team of mercs blowing the crap out of the place. But the docks looked like they were abandoned some 30 years ago.

I call this theory the Back to the Future Part 2 Theory. I even have a chalk board.

There will be "flashbacks" and stuff, but it will be similar to what we saw last season with the "30 Years Later" screen.

There will be one person who is the variable to all of this.

And his name is Desmond Hume.

Are you going to watch Lost tonight? Do you think of it in as much detail as I do? What do you think? What are your theories?


Bolton Family Movie Night

On Saturday, we had our first ever Bolton Family Movie Night. It was an idea that I had a couple weeks ago to have a little more family time together. With me working a lot of overtime, KC spending most of her time tending to Em, and MaddSkillz at his father's every other weekend, getting some quality family time together was very hard to come by.
Now with a family of seven (four of them four and under), the idea of going ANYWHERE that would be fun could be costly and INSANE!

So we scheduled the event for Saturday night and decided the movie would be Up. The grown-ups and the little kids have not seen the movie. MaddSkillz had seen it with his father. I tried to get something none of us have seen, but I realize that with MaddSkillz having 3 other siblings in another house, it will be next to impossible to expect he hasn't seen everything we haven't.

To make the event official, I made movie tickets and printed up Bolton Family Movie Dollars.

We made an invitation flyer and gave the kids an envelope with the ticket and a couple dollars inside.

A simple dinner of chili dogs was served prior and the kids were ready for bed with plenty of time to spare. Trying to make it feel like a movie going experience, I had the TV turned to Music Choice on digital cable playing music prior to the show.

A little before 7:45 the doors were open. Everyone came to the ticket counter slash concession stand were they got their tickets ripped and bought a combo pack. Like any movie pack, the kids ate their candy first. We turned out all the lights and watched the movie.

Like any movie adventure, there were crying babies, spilled drinks and popcorn littered the floor afterwards.

We plan on having these once a month.

I had a great feeling of accomplishment afterwards. I had a great time, and I know the kids enjoyed themselves as well.

Have a great week my friends.