Treasure Adventure.

So I found this treasure map.

I was skeptical at first of it being a real treasure map, so I did some calling around.  Turns out there's a load of geek goodness waiting for me in Fort Worth.

Bins of old comic books.    But that's only the tip of the iceberg....

A CRAP LOAD of bins containing old comic books.

I believe there's 32.  Holding about 2200 books.

Confirmed to be in attendance are:

Amazing Spider Man #100 - $320.00

Captain America #100 - $600.00

Along with these guys' respective issues, there's Avengers, Iron Man, Journey Into Mystery (Thor), Fantastic Four, and X-Men and many many others.

The dates range from what I can tell around 1966 to the mid 80's.  

All in all there's about 10k worth of books that I'm getting for only 1/20th that amount.

Needless to say, I'm an excited little comic dork.  

Have a great weekend my friends.. I know I will.



The other day, Celi was showing me how she looked in some "spy glasses" Disco got for Christmas.

I of course, being a comic book geek made reference to her being a baby Cyclops from X-Men.

But it being me.  I couldn't stop there with the reference.  I had to give Celi her own comic book series.

And while we're on the subject of comics.  I have a GINORMOUS comic related story tomorrow.

Have a great day my friends.


My Starving Artist: Perry the Platypus

Ladybug stated she wanted to be an artist when she grew up.  Which means she wants to sleep on the couch until I can get her married.  She'll be eating Ramen Noodles and ketchup packets seven days a week.

So I decided to imagine how her art will look hanging in a museum or out in public.  Hopefully it will encourage My Starving Artist to work faster and get off my couch.

Perry the Platypus

This of course taken from Phineas and Ferb's pet platypus.

Have a great day my friends.


KC's Kid

So KC sends me this picture of The Emsters a few minutes ago.

Yes, she managed to stand on the entertainment center (which at that level is about two and a half feet from the ground).   KC was taking Disco potty and she came out to see her youngest obviously trying to get a Wii controller to play Mario Kart.

This is totally KC's kid.  I would have NEVER done anything like this.  Don't believe me, ask my mother.


Making Sure.

Sometimes when I take the kids for a ride, they end up in the back seat like this.

I know they're okay and just asleep.  But the same way you stare at a sleeping newborn for any slight movement of breathing, you want to make sure they're really okay.

When you're a parent, you think about these things.

But I really can't look to see if they're breathing while I'm driving, so I have to use what I currently have access too.

I swerve the steering wheel left and right which causes their heads to rock back and forth.  It's usually followed by Celi moving the bangs from the front of her eyes and Seth adjusting his blanket.

When I know they're alive, I smile because it's funny that I woke them up.


1 / 144

American Hero, Jack Bauer usually needs 24 hours to save America and the world.  Here in Boltonshire, I only need a fraction of that.

Let me set the stage.  I telecommute from home.  I have for a while now.  It saves on gas and water because I don't have to shower.  I can see as well as hear my family screaming all day.  KC does a good job trying to keep the kids to a minimal decibel level while I am on the phone.  I'm on the phone for eight hours.  Me being home gives KC the opportunity to run do stuff while the kids nap.

This was the case on Wednesday.  Celi and The Emsters were down for their afternoon naps.  Good until at least 2:45.  KC had to run some errands real quick and took D with her.  Disco and Ladybug were honing their skills on the Wii.

My break was supposed to be at  2:15, but a call ran long so I was late going to break.  The Emsters woke up at 2:14 and Ladybug got her out of her crib and she was cool watching her siblings play.  KC is still out and about with D.

Our Hero logs out for his ten minute break and goes into the living room with the intention of taking snack orders.  Disco and The Emsters are in the living room and Eric hears Ladybug in the restroom.  Before he starts with the orders, he decides to take Disco potty since he's in the training stage right now.

Daddy:  Hey Buddy, do you need to go pee?

Disco:  I already did.

He feels his son's shorts as Disco's rolling a bowling ball down the lane.

Daddy:  Disco?!?!  Just because you're playing the Wii doesn't mean you can't pause it and go to the potty.

Our Hero can not go into the kids' room to get him a fresh pair of undies (if there's even any in the drawer) because Celi is asleep and he doesn't really want to wake her up.  So Eric goes to the pile of clean laundry  (Yes a pile of clean laundry!  It's better than a pile of dirty laundry.) to search for a pair of shorts and  toddler tightie whities  

Got the shorts, but no underwear.  Now the only option is to either put a diaper on him or go wake up Celi if you go look in his drawer.  

As Eric returns from his room, Ladybug is running from the bathroom naked.  Not just only wearing panties.  She is full on naked.

Daddy:  Ladybug, what are you doing?!?!

Ladybug:  Daddy, I wasn't taking a bath or a shower or anything like that.

Daddy:  So then why are you naked?

She leads him to the bathroom where there's a puddle on the floor.

Daddy:  What's that?!

Ladybug: Pee.

Daddy:  Seriously?!?!  Ladybug you're five!  If you have to go, pause the Wii and go.  Don't hold it.  Go get dressed while I clean this up.

Our now-frustrated Hero cleans up the pee and has to make the decision to wake up another kid who will possibly be soaking wet was well.  Eric opens the door to the kids' room, he is followed by The Emsters.  Celi doesn't wake up, but is "gently persuaded" by the Emsters and now joins the ranks of the recently peed.

Digging through Disco's drawer produces no results, so a diaper it is.  Eric will put it on him and let KC search for more when she gets home as his time is quickly ticking away.  He goes and grabs three diapers.  

On the way to change Disco's shorts, Ladybug yells.

Ladybug:  Daddy, I don't have any panties!!!!

Daddy:  Super!

He bypasses the changing of Disco to return to the now strewn about pile of clean laundry to search for a pair of panties for his daughter.  He finds a pair that he hopes still fits and returns to ground zero. He throws them at Ladybug, and tells Disco to lay on the floor.  He changes then shoves him out of the way to change The Emsters sagging diaper.

A quick reveal doesn't surprise Eric that The Emsters chunked a deuce in her diaper as well.

Daddy: Super!!

A hurried look at the clock and to where the wipes are usual not where they are supposed to be and a scan around the living room and kitchen, reveals the wipes are gone. Eric gets up goes back to the closet with the diapers and wipes to get an unopened package, rips it open and begins to clean The Emsters.

He attempts to change Celi, but she refuses and Eric did not have time to fight.

With thirty seconds left, Our near-exhausted Hero grabs three string cheese sticks and two crackers and lets the natives fight over them.  He makes it to his desk with no time to spare.


Eric, having to share the story with KC verbally in lieu of text, gives KC a call.

KC: Hello?

Eric:  I wanted to share a story with you.

KC:  Okay, but I'm in the driveway.

Eric:  Super!!


My Starving Artist: The DuckDog

Ladybug stated she wanted to be an artist when she grew up.  Which means she wants to sleep on the couch until I can get her married.  She'll be eating Ramen Noodles and ketchup packets seven days a week.

So I decided to imagine how her art will look hanging in a museum or out in public.  Hopefully it will encourage My Starving Artist to work faster and get off my couch.

The Duck Dog

Apparently she's experimenting with cross hybridization .


Last Minute and Getting Done Early.

MaddSkillz likes, no LOVES, to tell us things last minute.  Usually it's after his shower at night on the way to bed.  KC and I are chilling out obviously exhausted from the day serving in Boltonshire.  His updates are usually something like this:

"They're having an event at school tomorrow evening.  They cancelled practice, but I told them I would be there set up, park all the cars, collect the money. work the lights and be the master of ceremonies."

"How long have you known about this?"

"Just today!"

"Seriously?!  What time is it over, because Eric has class tomorrow night."

"I'm not sure."

We almost always make it work in some fashion or another, but the lack of information at the last minute is MaddSkillz mutant power.

Another example was two days before this past Christmas Break.  MaddSkillz comes to us and said he wants to graduate early.

A year early.

As in May of 2012 versus May of 2013.

It's cool and all, but he dropped this on us Thursday evening before he's off for two weeks when the counselor would not be at school on Friday.  This gave us no information and two weeks of not being able to do anything until school started back up.

We asked him why he wanted to graduate early, and it's pretty much he hates high school.  While MaddSkillz is quite social, he hates how the teachers have to cater to the ones who don't do their work and keep the rest of the class down so they can catch up.  He just wants to get it over with and start college.

Well MaddSkillz is still 15.  His birthday is in August, so that will make him sixteen when he possibly graduates.  That's all cool, but none of us are informed on if colleges accept applications from a sixteen year old or if could start at 17.  It's all new to us and again, nothing we can do about it until Christmas was over.

So he followed through with his counselor and got all the paper work and got permission to be on a fast track program the remainder of his high school career.  He is taking night school courses and is going to take a couple classes this summer.  So by the time school starts in August, he'll be a senior.

And about 15 months from now, he'll be graduated from high school.

Which means he'll be paying rent 12 months sooner than I thought.


Dr Pepper Intervention

Lately I've been thinking my wife isn't as crazy as previously concluded. Every week it's the same thing.  "This is all the Dr Pepper we have left?" or "Who drank all the Dr Pepper?"

Well duh!!!

She gets mad when we waste food.  I'm just preventing the canned goodness from going to waste.

A couple times a day.

Maybe I do drink to much Dr Pepper (if there is such a thing).  But for a while now, I've grown bored of Dr Pepper.  The type of boredom where I ask if enjoyment of this magnitude is really necessary.  In addition to a theory I had about a medical issue, I finally came to the decision I was going to go on a Dr Pepper fast for thirty days.

I told KC so I could be held accountable.

Now this wasn't Dr Pepper only, it includes any caffeinated product.

Here are my thoughts for the past few days..

Day 1:  This isn't so bad.  I definitely wanted to pop a can of Dr P like I do most mornings when I start working, but I was able to make it through the day with out any issues.

Day 2:  Excruciating headache ALL day.  Already wanting to give up.  I've taken Advil and Tylenol.  Nothing is working.  I'm thinking about taking up smoking crack to take the edge off.

Day 3:  Honestly with my demographic and my background and experience, I have no way to find a crack dealer.  I guess I could ask but today wasn't all that bad.  We had 7up from this weekend's BBQ with my brother, I've been drinking that.  KC makes a comment about me substituting one bad thing for another.  I remind her that I'm cutting out caffeine, not strictly drinking water for 30 days.  I also remind her that her encouraging skills are rusty.  I also went to the store to see if they had caffeine free Dr Pepper.  They only had it in the 12 pack.  I didn't get it because I don't know how it tastes.  I'm looking for a single can or bottle to try it out first.

Day 4:  The headache is back.  A sip of Dr P and a few Advil will get rid of it.  But I must continue.  My wife can be very tempting.  She's seriously setting me up for disaster.  She can get migraines quite often.  She takes the pain off with some Tylenol and some Dr Pepper.  The only thing is she NEVER finishes the can.  She leaves it our or puts it back in the fridge.  So when I go to make the kids' breakfast this morning, these guys are calling my name.

Just a little sip.  No one would know, right?  Honestly no one would.  But I would know.  I ignore them where they sit and stare longly into their open tabs.  Thinking about how they miss me and I can't be with them.


Snow Day 2011.

On Friday, San Antonio decided to join the rest of the country and give it's populace snow.  For years snow is threatened every year and something always thwarts it before we can rejoice.  When they promised snow this year, I still seemed apprehensive.  But waking up Friday morning with the backyard covered in white, I felt the weathermen of San Antonio have finally done their job.


Since You've Been Gone.

 I think six kids is our threshold.

Not that D is anything different than the other kids, she was just in a getting accustomed to everything and everyone.  We have two cribs in our room and were afraid of dueling babies at night, so for I think a week or a little longer I was sleeping on the couch next to D in the bassinet.  

But once D started sleeping at night in her own crib, Emsters starting getting up at night.   It's been a habit of hers for almost three weeks now.  KC and I would trade off nights with her and D so together we would log about eight hours of sleep

for the week...


We've been a one vehicle family for almost three years now.  We bought the Dragon Wagon shortly after Celi was born.  It was perfect for a family of six.  Thirty minutes after pulling the new van into the driveway, we find out we're pregnant with the Emsters.

Perfect for six. Stretching it for seven.

Four of which sit in car seats of some kind.

I work at home so it's not that big of deal with just  the one car, but the possibility is approaching where I need to start going into the office again.  So we kinda needed a new vehicle eventually.

Then with D here.  There is no way in the world we could fit 8 people in the van.  Someone's staying home when we go places like family functions or church.  If it's on the weekend MaddSkillz is with his father, than it's cool.  But on our weekends, not so much.

So months ago, I told KC I started praying someone would give us a vehicle.  She said she had been praying for one too.  We couldn't afford a new payment and it didn't need to replace the Dragon Wagon, just to supplement it.

A week after D arrived, KC's uncle gave us a call and offered up his Suburban to us.  It was a legit answer to our prayers as we never told anyone about our requests.


Story about the Suburban.

MaddSkillz started Night School too since I last talked to you guys.  That's another story for later.  KC usually takes him in the van, while I try to get the evening thing started with the kids here.  Well, she had to take D to an appointment which was going to interfere with the pick up and drop off of MaddSkillz.  So I loaded up the Triad in the Sub to pick him up and drop him off.

During the drive I made the following mental notes:

  • Driving a new to you vehicle can be kind of frustrating when you're still trying to figure out all the little idiosyncrasies it holds.
  • It being a ginormous 1990 Suburban, a bit more frustrating. 
  • Add five o'clock traffic to it, even more frustrating.
  • Taking a wrong turn when you should have known better and it takes 20 minutes to get back to where you want to be where you took the wrong turn, slightly more frustrating.
  • Having your five year old daughter keep asking "is this the right road?", "this doesn't look right?", "is everything okay, Daddy?" IS THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING IN THE WORLD!!!  
You can't get mad at her because she's just trying to help.

I hope everyone is doing well.  Have a great day my friends.