My Wife Has Gone Royally Crazy.

My wife has lost it.  Yes, yes she has.  I'm not afraid to put it out there.  It's the God's honest truth.  Having five (six now with D) kids has finally made her mind snap.

She has gone Royal Wedding Crazy.

Yesterday, she told me there is going to be a media blackout in Boltonshire for Friday.  She's going to set the DVR to record all the festivities for the event.  She's erased the kids' favorite shows and my classic episodes of LOST, and set to record "Say Yes To the Princess Dress" and all coverage from WE, TLC, E!, Style, Bravo and BBC.  Also she's making sure the Lifetime movie about the Royal Wedding which is being made during the Royal Wedding to be shown directly after the Royal Wedding is going to be recorded as well.

The blackout applies to the internet as well.  She doesn't want to be spoiled by anything.  She wants to witness it first hand, albeit recorded on DVR to watch after the kids go to sleep on Friday night.

She's setting the DVR because there's no way she's waking up for a 4AM wedding.  Heck, she wouldn't even wake up for OUR wedding.  Which is why it was performed after midnight.

At first I thought it was a healthy obsession because apparently it's every girl's dream to marry a prince with thinning hair.  So I didn't say much when this came in the mail.

Royal Tea Pot

She explained it's for all of us since I sometimes make tea when we're out of Dr Pepper.  Okay?!? I'll let her have it.  But then I came home from my trip to Houston to see this in the kitchen.

Royal Wedding Fridge

I thought this was a little obscure.  She defended herself saying I never fixed the ice dispenser and she needed to get a new one.  There wasn't much to say, even though I still get creeped out when I go to the fridge to grab a DP and William is there looking at me with those squinty eyes, those giant teeth, and those thinning hairs.

But I support my wife in all of her little crazy idiosyncrasies.  

At T Ball practice I was thinking about all of this and was going to tell KC she just needed to stop before she got anything else.  Alas, when I got home it was too late.  She had already ordered this...

A Royal Coach

I was about to explode.  I couldn't take it anymore.  This obsession has got to stop!!  But then I held it in and let her have her day.  Even if it was living vicariously through someone else on the other side of the world.  If I said anything, she would just throw the fact she's squeezed five babies out for me and I owe her at least this much in my face.


I though that was it.  Honestly.  How much wedding paraphernalia can there be out there?  Well my question was answered when this arrived this morning...

Seriously?!? A Royal Wedding Meth Lab?!?

Now I am royally concerned.



Green Lantern Toy Giveaway

In celebration of the upcoming Green Lantern movie from Warner Bros, Mom Select and Mattel shipped me a box load of Green Lantern swag for review and to give away.

Just to get this out of the way, prizes are only available for those of you living in the Continental United States.  Sorry, this is my own dime when mailing these out.  You're still welcome to play, but it won't get you anything.

Sorry again.

So hows this going to work, Eric?

Well let me tell you.  I have five, that's right FIVE PRIZE PACKS. ESTIMATED VALUE $175.00.

I will give you some trivia from Green Lantern Lore and I will ask you questions about the character and/or characters who have worn the Green Lantern Ring.  Everyone who gets all the questions correct will be eligible for the top three prize packs.  Everyone else (who got them right OR wrong) will be eligible for the consolation prizes.  All to be described below.

Are we all good?

All right, let's go!

Anytime a super hero's origin is told in a different medium, some changes are retconned to update for the current audience.  It pisses off some hardcore comic book geeks who don't appreciate the changes made to an already perfect character.  Green Lantern First Flight DVD stays pretty close to the comic origin with some modern tweeks.  The story follows Hal Jordon's (voiced by Christopher Meloni) acceptance of the mantel from a dying  Green Lantern Abin Sur and his training on the planet Oa under the guidance of Sinestro (voiced by Victor Garber). A bunch of stuff happens that I won't spoil for you, but it's an intense cartoon.  Pretty much the reason it's rated PG-13.  Other voice stars are John Larroquette, Tricia Helfer, and Michael Madsen.

QUESTION:  Green Lantern: First Flight stars the voice talent of Chris Meloni as Hal Jordon/Green Lantern.  What is the name of the show currently starring Chris Meloni?

Green Lantern Battle Shifters is one of the toys becoming available in promotion with the upcoming movie.  They have a Transformer feel to them because the weapon constructs have two forms.  One is a more defensive mode and the other can be pretty offensive. Not like offensive like it will start calling out racial slurs or anything like that, but offensive in  the ability to attack.  They are recommended for ages 4+.

QUESTION:  Ryan Reynolds has given his likeness to the development of the action figures based on the movie.  But what if it wasn't Ryan Reynolds who got the part of Hal Jordon / Green Lantern?  Of those actors also considered for the part shown below, which actor would you have chosen to  represent your Green Lantern Battle Shifters?

I talked about the Colossal Cannon in my review of it last week.  I still stand by the idea, I will only allow three disks chambered during playtime.  Ten disks are cool and all, but if you're trying to strafe your little sister while she's running for cover in the back yard, you're bound to lose some.  The idea of the Green Lantern Colossal Cannon is that is a construct from the Green Lantern power ring.  It's pretty much a Gatling cannon on your wrist (do you notice the fist and ring?).  It's fun to play with, it isn't going to kill anyone if they get shot with it.  So kids can be kids and parents won't have to worry about major injuries.  Just be mindful of the disks if you have little babies who like to put things in their mouth.  For ages 5+.

QUESTION: The Green Lantern power ring has the power to form (construct) any type of weapon the wielder can imagine.  If you had the power of the ring, what would you construct?

Secret Origin: Green Lantern is a collection of Green Lantern comics in hard copy form (with dust jacket) that retells the origin of Hal Jordan obtaining the Green Lantern ring.  They honestly have to do this every decade or so to keep the origin from being too dated.  It's neat in the effect it shows characters that didn't show up until later in the main character's life in flashbacks.  I'm thinking this is what the movie is going to be based off of.  It contains a history of Daddy Issues and wanting to live up to his dad's legacy, etc.   I didn't collect a lot of Green Lantern comics while growing up (I was mainly a Marvel kid), but this collection is a pretty solid story.

There is also a forward by Ryan Reynolds.

QUESTION:  I'm thinking in the movie there are going to be cameo easter eggs of the other Green Lanterns from earth, like  the four below.

(From top left clockwise) Hal Jordon, Guy Gardner A.K.A the douche lantern, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner.  In an issue of Justice League back in the 80s, Guy get's knocked out by one of his team mates.

Is it? 
A. Superman 
B. Batman
C. Hal Jordan
D. Wonder Woman

Now the rules:

Everyone who answers all the questions correctly (I've provided links to the answers within the questions) will be eligible to win the following prize packs

GRAND PRIZE PACK:  The Green Lantern Colossal Cannon / A Green Lantern Secret Origins Hardback Graphic Novel / A Green Lantern Light Up Power Ring

SECOND PLACE PRIZE PACK:  Three unique Green Lantern Battle Shifters / A Green Lantern Secret Origins Hardback Graphic Novel / A Green Lantern Light Up Power Ring

THIRD PLACE PRIZE PACK:  The Green Lantern First Flight DVD / A Green Lantern Secret Origins Hardback Graphic Novel / A Green Lantern Light Up Power Ring

TWO HONORABLE MENTIONS:  Each will receive A Green Lantern Secret Origins Hardback Graphic Novel / A Green Lantern Light Up Power Ring (this is available for everyone who entered regardless of the answers they gave.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES FOR THE COMIC BOOKS: (each of these should be separate comments)
 - Repost this giveaway on Twitter and include @ericdbolton then post the link here.  This can be done as many times as you want.

 - Subscribe to this blog and tell me you did.

 - Follow this blog publicly through Google Friend Connect (on the left hand side of the page) and tell me you did.

 - Mention this giveaway in a blog post about the giveaway and party and provide a link in the comments.

The contest will run until Wednesday, May 4th at 11:59PM.

Again, sorry to my non Continental United States Living friends. 


Where Are They Now: Wampa


Not Your Standard Green Lantern Toy Review

Comic book geeks across the country know that a live adaptation of DC superhero Green Lantern is coming to theatres this June.  Like anytime a new comic movie comes out, the toy shelves are filled with  toys and actions figures with the logo plastered all over them.

Well the good folks at Mattel and Dad Central Consulting, knew I was one of those comic book geeks and hooked me up with a couple of Green Lantern toys based off the upcoming movie.

They sent a Green Lantern Hal Jordan Action Figure and a Green Lantern Colossal Cannon.

Ryan Reynolds Action Figure
Toy Mom Doesn't Like

The kids didn't really know who Green Lantern was before this stuff came in the mail, but they seemed to appreciate them enough to let me make them the stars of my own Green Lantern Origin Comic.  The comic I made is based loosely off the toys, which is based off the movie which is based off the comic.


If you can't read the font because of the size of the picture, try clicking the image to see a larger version.

So there you go.  I've been wanting to make a comic for 25 years and I finally was able to get one.  Sure it's digital.  Sure there's the whole DC owns the copyrights to the character, the ring, the oath and stuff, but what can you do?

The Action Figure is your standard action figure.  The likeness is pretty darn close to that of Ryan Reynolds.  Now, I've only seen Ryan Reynolds on TV, so I can't vouch that it's an accurate representation.  It comes with a cool movie power ring, that unfortunately does not form green weapon constructs.  The green hand that comes with the Hal Jordon figure, connects to his fist but it makes the character unable to stand on it's own.  You would need to position it so the fist is propping up the figure.

The cannon is pretty sweet in itself.  It comes with ten disks you can shoot out Gatling gun style.  It lights up and has machine gun rapid fire sounds.  I only gave the kids three disks because I knew they'd lose the 10 if I kept all ten in the chamber.  There's enough to shoot one at each other (which I'm sure Mattel does not recommend).

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of Mattel and received Green Lantern toys to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Being There.

This past Thursday, I made a quick trip to Houston for a funeral.  My best friend from childhood's father had passed away the previous Saturday.  Now even though I haven't been in their lives all that much (if at all) in the past 23 years since leaving Houston, I felt I owed it to him and his father to at least be there, even if I can't offer them anything more.

During the different periods of my life, I've had multiple "best friends".  After Houston it was Mike A. and Jose.  In college it was Mike R.  After college it was Rachel.  Currently and for the remainder of time it's KC.

When I was a kid it was Tim.

Multiple times during the week, I was over at his house hanging out after school.  We'd take turns spending the night at each other's house every other weekend.  Tim had the same appreciation of GiJoe, Transformers, Star Wars, He-Man and MASK like I did.  We'd usually have major Armageddon-esque inter-toy franchise battles on those weekends.  It was one of those friendships you see between kids in movies.

You know the movies were one of the kids, gets a special gift and promises the other will always be included but turns out acting like a d-bag and not knowing it.  Well, our friendship was like that, except the special gift and one of us becoming a d-bag part.

So spending a lot of time with Tim, I spent a lot of time with his family.  I'd have dinner with his mother and father, whom I came to respect and even envied at times.  I really respected his parents and family and was sad when I had to move away in the Summer of 1988.

I'd come to visit the next few summers, each time both of us growing up and away from what initially brought us together as kids.  It had been about 14 years since we talked when I found him on MySpace and then met him in 2007 to help him sell his house.  It was great seeing him and hearing about his family.  We'd exchange comments or whatnot on Facebook, but nothing really definitive.  

We had moved on and we're living our individual lives, and they don't involve toy battles between Cobra and The Millennium Falcon. 

I've often wanted to stop by his parents house to say hello on some of my trips to Houston, but fear of them not remembering me made me not follow through.

So when I got a message from Tim on Tuesday that his father passed, I was heart broken.  Both for someone who I knew and respected had died, but also obviously because my best friend from childhood had lost his father.  Me going to the services was not a question, I knew I had to make it.

So I took off work, got a rental and drove in the middle of the night to Houston.  I crashed at my grandparent's house (which was also centrally located of everything) for a few hours and went to the services Thursday morning.

I didn't make a point to seek him out prior to the services because of all he was dealing with.  The services were good and I was glad I was privy to some of the traits and idiosyncrasies when Tim and his brothers talked about their dad. 

When everything was over, we were invited to view the body of his father and give our condolences to the family.  I first came to his brother TC who had no clue who I was on account he was possibly 5 the last time I saw him.  I next came to Tim who saw me, pulled me to him and wept.  He thanked me over and over again for being there.  I moved down to the line to his mother, who looked up at me and did recognize me after two decades.

I talked to him momentarily at the grave site, then met up at his mother's house afterwards.   We got to talk for a while.  I felt I was monopolizing his time when he came to talk with me while I was there.  I met his wife, I would tell him stories about my kids.  We talked about old times and laughed a lot.  

I had to leave because I had to get the rental back to San Antonio at a certain time.  The whole drive back, I was glad I was there for Tim, his mother and their family.  I didn't offer anything other than just physically being there.  I wasn't able to give them and comfort in their time of hurt and loss.  It was just being there that meant the world to them.  

Even though we hardly spoke in 20 years, I still consider Tim a best friend of mine.  I'm not under any false pretense we're going to start hanging out more now.  If it happened to any of my friends above, I'd do the same thing. 

I also would hope my children develop a bond of friendship with someone, they would be an anchor for their friend (even if it's a small amount of time) if they hadn't seen them in years.  I remembered MaddSkillz was recently in a situation like this when his best friend from elementary school's mother died suddenly.  

It helped his friend that MaddSkillz was just there.


Not The Same Thing.

Dear MaddSkillz,

I know you're a bit rusty in this field, but just because it's "dish soap".  It does not mean it's the same as soap for the dishwasher.

Been There Done That When I Was Your Age Too.


Slow Business Day.

Ladybug started her own business yesterday.  She started selling bottles of water for a quarter in our kitchen.  Within a few minutes she sold pretty much to everyone who had access to twenty-five cents.  First day and she realized the importance of location, location, location.


That Looks Like....

I'm very pleased with the invention of the camera option on the cell phone.  I can just whip it out and take pictures of my kids whenever they are doing something cute or for future blackmail possibilities.

I like it when I take or find a picture that reminds me of another one I've taken.  It could be of the same kid or it could be of a different kid (usually mine).

Like the one below.


Higher Resolution.

I love my grandparents.  I'm blessed to still have them around.  I am their oldest grandchild.  Which means when I was a child, the gates of Heaven would open up and I would be spoiled with whatever it is I desired.  I did everything right and nothing I did was wrong.

That is until I started having children and giving them great-grandchildren.

Now nothing they do is wrong and every time I get on to them for doing nothing wrong, I'm the one who is wrong.

Where in the Grandparent / Grandchild Handbook is this disclaimer?

Case in point, the other day KC called them to see how they were and to let them know what was going on in Boltonshire.  She mentioned that pretty much every kid has been sick the past couple weeks, but all in all we're doing okay.

Well my grandmother said she got the picture I sent them of the kids washing the van.

This one here.

Well she said it's no wonder they're all sick, I let them wash the van in their bare feet.

Obviously my grandparents need a higher resolution screen.  Those kids are indeed shoe footed.


Where is Randy Savage?

I found this site a couple months ago, it's called Where's Randy Savage?.  It's basically "The Macho Man" Randy Savage photoshopped in various scenes.  There's some funny ones and some are lame and jump the shark.

This is today's.

This makes me LOL.


Opening Day.

Ladybug kicked off her sophomore season of T-Ball with our local CYO yesterday.  It was a rough start with practices and logistics because there seems to be no organization with this league what so ever.  First we were never sent any information when registration started.  I called one day to get dates, and they told me the upcoming Thursday was the last day.

Apparently since we didn't play basketball with the league, we weren't privy to any information.

We've had to deal with last minute uniform fittings and pick ups.  Both which caused rescheduling activities in order for Ladybug to have a uniform that actually fit.  Then there was the issue of not having a set game schedule until this past Thursday. 

Then on Friday it changes again.

I deal with the baseball stuff because KC would get all west side and probably have to cut someone if she had to deal with the lack of organization.

The Emsters was sick all weekend, so KC stayed home with her and D.  I took the Triad in 90+ degree heat with no shade or wind, and no parking because they schedule the games 15 minutes after mass.  So it's a good thing KC stayed home, she would have definitely had to cut someone.

My dad, little sister, and KC's father joined us for the game to witness what you would expect from a bunch of four and five years olds being told to focus on one thing for sixty minutes.  Some of the more memorable parts were kids running to first base holding their bat; the batter pretty much figuring they were going to ground out at first base so they run across the field straight to second; and then the obligatory kid filling his cap with sand to then placing it on his head.

The best or course was the runner who refused to accept he was tagged out and continued to run towards home.  This caused the third baseman to follow him with the ball and tag him continuously to get it across he was really and truly out.  This allowed another base runner to actually run behind the fielder chasing his team mate to piggy back and get a run scored.  It was brilliant.  I'm suprised it doesn't happen more in the big leagues.

My daughter of course does not partake in any of those shenanigans.  Her attention span grows immensely when it's not something her parents need her to do.

I honestly did not get to watch much of the game because Disco is in the midst of potty training and even though we go before we leave, he had to go potty TWICE in an hour.  Add that to the fact Celi did not want to stay with her grandfathers, I had to have her in tow as well.  Then with the two of them being hungry after all that walking to the bathrooms, I made the trip to the snack bar to stand in line for a while.  It resulted me in seeing about 10 minutes of actual game time.  

Next time I'm sneaking in food and keeping Disco in diapers.

I did however get to see my little girl make some pretty good plays from short stop and excelling while at bat.

Playing Short Stop, Ladybug stopped a grounder and feeling as though her heat would hurt the first baseman's hand, decided to try to run it to first base.

Swaggering up to her first time to bat.

Measuring Up....


Rounds First....

Gets the okay to run home.

And it's a Home Run for Ladybug.

Yes, Ladybug hit a HOME RUN!  Now if you're asking if all the practicing on Wii Sports helped out on this.  I want to say yes, yes it has.  It also had to do with the outfields fighting over who is going to pick up the ball and throw it.  She got 2 RBI's for her awesomeness.

Her next time up to bat, she got a single and made it home again.  The team ended up winning 12 - 0.

In case you missed the hit.  Here it is again as an animated gif...

BOO and YAH!!!

Have a great week my friends.


New Carl Sagan Video.

Carl Sagan made a documentary called Cosmos.  On a the geek and dork level, I find it somewhat interesting.

Being on an 80's kid who is all about nostalgia pop culture, I find this recently found video cut from the original Cosmos VERY interesting.

I'm sorry it's not youtube embedded, so you might have trouble viewing it from your mobile devices.

What do you think about this new footage?