Taking much into consideration, and feeling it is in the best for them, Kristie and I have decided to home school the children.  Boltonshire Prep will start next Tuesday.  Texas requires we at least teach Math, Language Arts and Social Studies/History.  We're also adding a bible/devotional lesson and we'll see what works and add to or take away as the year progresses.  While this year we're primarily focusing on Loreli since she's 1st grade now, we're also going to include the other children when the lesson allows.

Since I will be at work most of the time, Kristie is handling the majority of the teaching from the subjects above.  When I'm home I'll try to include the more sciency and artsy stuff that requires making a mess and possibly blowing things up.

I've also decided to teach the children how to appreciate all things Geek.  With my comic stash acquired last year and streaming videos on Netflix and YouTube, I will present the kids lessons in Geekology (the study of Geek).

I've already put together the test for week one.

Click on Image To Make Larger
 Just to let you know, I do see the error above. Deal with it, ok?  I think it's a nice start to a brand new subject.  The subject matter will vary, there will be questions about Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, etc. etc. etc.

I am also open for suggestions on topics for the weekly tests.  So send me your suggestions and I'll fit them into the curriculum.

If you also have ideas and suggestions for Kristie, we're open to those too.

Welcome to Boltonshire


Celi Says

My daughter, Araceli has a habit of saying what's on her mind.  She get's it from her momma.  It's a blessing and a curse.  One day I told Kristie if I ever started to blog again, I would give Araceli her own bit and call it, "Celi Says".

She was quick to reply and scorned, "You better! Because she didn't get a video!!!"

This is referring to a video I made of Loreli a few months after she was born set to the tune of Peanut Butter Jelly Time.  Also in regards to a video I made for Seth shortly after he was born to the theme of U2's Beautiful Day.  

Obviously she's been holding it against me for nearly FOUR YEARS because it's the first thing that popped into her mind.

It wasn't that I didn't want to make a video for her, I just let the time get away from me and it never happened.

So here is the debut of Celi Says in the comic strip format I envisioned.

Yeah it's kind of Family Circus in the mushiness at the end, but it melted my heart.

Welcome to Boltonshire


17 Years and 1 Week

Dropping Michael off in his dorm 8/25/12

17 years and 1 week before this picture was taken, an 18 year old girl gave birth to baby boy.  17 years and 1 week later she dropped him off in a strange town so he could follow his dreams at college.  The 17 years and 1 week leading up to this picture, this girl put off her dreams so he could be able to accomplish his.  During this time she did not let the fact she was a single mom, (from pretty much the first nine years of Michael's life) hinder the fact Michael was going to be able to achieve his goals.  She did not let the fact she was a statistic in the eyes of the judgemental.  She proved that a teenage hispanic girl from the west side of town, with little no to help from the baby's father; could fight through the judgemental, fight through the tough times, and fight through anything that was telling her to just give it up because it's just too damn hard.

Every extra hour worked. Every dollar spent on a private school in hope it would provide a stable foundation.  Every relationship formed. Every relationship broken.  Every fight with Michael's father.  Every fight with Michael.  Every fight with her parents. Every fight with me. Every fight with the school. Every sleepless night worrying if she's doing the right thing. Every night staying up helping with last minute homework. Every prayer, every day that didn't seem like they were being  answered or not fast enough. Knowing that standing there in that lobby, holding her baby boy as tight as she could, as long as she could, that the prayers were being answered the entire time. And this time, this moment was what everything they went through, everything they endured, everything she dedicate half her life to was all for the purpose of getting him here 17 years and 1 week later.

Welcome to Boltonshire.


Fantasy Football 2012

This conversation may or may not have happened…

Eric: Hey Ed.  Can I be in your Fantasy Football league this year?

Ed: I don't know.  Fantasy Football requires a lot of research.  Do you know enough about the game to play for thirteen weeks?

Eric: Try me.

Ed: Who won the Superbowl this past season?

Eric: That's a trick question.. It hasn't happened yet..

Ed: Can you name three football players?

Eric: Three?!? That many?

Ed: See dude…

Eric: No.  I got it.. Umm.. Emmit Smith, Jerry Rice… and umm…. Chad Ochocinco…

Ed:  Can you name me any that haven't been on Dancing With the Stars??

Eric: Errr.... Oh yeah, Jesse Palmer..

Ed: .... Or The Bachelor...

Eric: Uhhh… Bobby Boucher and that Shane Falco guy…You know, his coach looked like Gene Hackman??  BOOM, SHAKALAKA!!!

Ed: …………

Eric:  Please Ed.  I need this.  I need to appear legitimate and not always talking about WWE and comic books…

Ed:  Fine.

Eric: YES!!!!

[ - FIST PUMP - ] 

I'm back playing the Fantasy Football in my brother's league.  It's basically my brother Ed, his wife Christine, my brother Rob, and a bunch of Ed and Christine's friends who may or not be in Junior High judging by the name of some of these teams.

Last year I managed the El Supremo Maximos and we got a decent 8-5 record.  I placed third in the division being eliminated in the first round of the playoff by my sister-in-law who managed the team which shall not be named.  I was let go from the Maximos in the off season and hired by the Dunder Mifflin franchise in Scranton, PA.  I don't have any expectations this season.  Mainly because when I looked at my team for the first time, I somehow managed to draft three kickers and five players that were either "Questionable" or "Out for the Season".


If I get fired from Scanton what's next, Cleaveland?

So I have Tony Romo again as my starting quarterback.   This is a tough one because I always want Tony to do well, but he always seems to be luke warm and then gets broken.  My back up is Tim Tebow.  I'll see how Tony does first before I make the switch.

I have LeSean McCoy as my running back.  I've heard that's good.

I also have the 49ers defense and special teams.  They're ranked number 1 so we'll see.  But I totally expect Bane to blow up the stadium they're in and I'll end up with the Buccaneers.

Everything else about my team just screams 1-12 for the season.

Anyways, my first game is against "Team Lemler".   I don't know what to expect but I know it's not creativity.  I think I went through this last season.  If you're not going to come up with a witty name, don't even join.  Honestly, I think it's another place holder team for Ed and Christine to fill a spot in the draft and then pillage them for their better players.  That doesn't mean I won't lose mind you.  My brother Rob had his cat pick his players and he's like the returning champion or something.

See., Mr. Fluffypants knows how to pick them... 

That really is his cat.  I'm just amazed that Rob sleeps on zebra printed comforters.

Emma woke up Sunday night during the draft and I let her sit in my lap.  I got up to get her some juice and next thing you know I have three kickers.  I haven't talked to her since Sunday night.

Do you have a team?  How do you think it will do?  Not as bad as mine I hope.

Welcome to Boltonshire.


Welcome To Boltonshire

When I was a kid, I looked forward to the Sunday paper.  Not that I cared about current events or anything, I was just going for the comics.  One of my favorites at the time was Bloom County.  If you remember (or even read it), it dealt with Opus the Penguin and Bill the Cat (shown) and various other characters.  Sure the jokes went over my head, but I enjoyed the character designs and even based my attempt at comic characters on Bloom County.

One Sunday I was looking for Bloom County and found the name had changed to Outland


I wasn't sure why. The art was the same (from what I remember the backgrounds were a bit different), and it was pretty much the same characters with one or two no longer making appearances (even though they were still mentioned).  I still enjoyed the strip and most of the jokes still went over my head.  I still always called it Bloom County, but I never understood why it changed, I just accepted it.

Later I read the writer retired Bloom County to try something different with Outland.  It didn't take long for Outland to be Bloom County again.  Whether his initial idea for the new strip didn't work past the initial storyline or what, he went back to what worked for him.

Juggling Eric wasn't working for me anymore.  Sure it's how the internet knew me, but I felt my time as "Juggling Eric" has passed.  I started that blog as a way to deal with all the pressures I had at being a novice dad, a novice husband, a brother, son, and friend.  Me attempting to write was a way for me to pound out my frustrations or feelings on the keyboard in a way to find like minded people as a support group.

I am no longer "juggling" those proverbial hats any longer and I have a pretty good footing in all categories.  It's still progressive, but it's not about me.  It's always been about my family.  The people that only a handful of people really know and a rare few actually appreciate. 

The characters are the same as in Juggling Eric.  While you won't see one of the characters as much (he'll still make appearances).  The background is a little different and it's the same jokes that will probably still go over heads.  You might not understand why, but you need to just accept it.

Welcome to Boltonshire.