Mother's Day is next week.  Whether you're getting it for your awesome wife or your very loving mother, you need to show her how much you care for her this Mother's Day.

Of course you have to TREAT YO' SELF to Free Comic Book Day and finish watching the NBA Playoffs first.  Once you get a free moment or two, you need to put them first!!

Now I know what it's like living paycheck to paycheck.

It's tough.

Sometimes Mother's Day falls on the Sunday BEFORE you get paid and that really sucks.  It's a good thing God invented the craigslist free section for us to get those between pay period gifts for the woman that bore our children.

She reminds us of that quite often.

So for those of us with dozens of dollars, save that cheddar, yo because here are the...

(found on craigstlist)

"What the heck is she going to do with SIX GALLONS OF FEATHERS??" you say?  Oh ye' of little faith.  Just look at the description. These are authentic duck and chicken feathers. Pulled from supposedly dead farm animals.  We aren't privy if the duck or chicken met their demise by man, illegal poultry fighting ring, or the hand of God.  All we know is that these are supposedly authentic. And the fact they were in her dad's attic makes them instant antiques.  I bet I could get a doctor on here and they can confirm if these feathers are stuffed in a pillow case all neck pain or migraines will be gone if using these.

Now don't imply anything with this.  She's always saying how she wants to work out.  She wants to get rid of the baby weight she put on from giving birth to your kids because you went and got her pregnant. Take a baby wipe and clean it off.  Tell her there's no implications from this and you just want her to go at a pace she's comfortable with.  

She loves the HGTV shows like Design on a Dime and Love It or List It.  If they're actually on HGTV and not TLC or some other channel I'm not entirely sure and I don't really want to Google.  Anyways.  Retro-Classic Kitchen right here, boi!! Look in the description, "ACTUAL WOOD".  None of that particle board crap.

Add class to the piles of laundry in the living room with a piano.  Take another baby wipe and dust this bad boy off.  She can spend hours listening to the kids playing songs for her and eventually you can move the unfolded clothes from the love seat to the piano bench.  More room for you two to snuggle.

Does she Pinterest?  She's a girl, she must Pinterest.  She's probably frustrated with herself from all the pins shes Pinterested in and hasn't done anything Pinteresty with them.  Give her a couple dozen pallets and tell her, "Make the awesome happen, Sweetie.  Make the awesome!"

Is she always telling you she needs a hair cut? Welllllllll BAM!!  A Haircut and Styleout!!  Whatever a styleout is I'm sure she'll be all like, "Thank you, Honey!"  And the thing is, they need models all the time for stuff like this.  So the next time she complains wants another haircut and or styleout, you can tell her you gots this, Mama.

Mom's love flowers.  You can't go wrong with flowers.  If you put out for a shovel, you can make a date out of it if you both go dig it up together.

More Pinterest stuff.  I've seen moms on Pinterest make everything out of these french doors.  If you give this to her just tell her, "I trust you, honey.  You make this house beautiful just being here.  Take this and make it beautifuller!!"

It never fails, four days after you go shopping, she's telling you we need to buy less gluten.  Instead of saying this would have been nice to know four days ago and I'm not sure you even meant it, you can give these to her and let her know all our gluten fears are over now.  Then the two of you make gluten  free tortillas all sexy like just like they did in Ghost and it will be on!! On like Comic-Con, son!!

While you can move all the laundry from the love seat to this as well. You, yourself, will probably get the most use out of this thing if she doesn't appreciate any of the potential killer gifts on this list.  Need a mattress? Just go back to craigslist, there's plenty on any given day.

Have an awesome Mother's Day ladies.  


#HashtagGamesTop10 [UnlikelyLinesFromAnAvengersMovie]

Twitter isn't always about people telling you how other people they don't like are racist or how companies are anti-women.  It's even not all about how someone tweeted something stupid and it went viral and they were fired.  Twitter is sometimes good.

Sometimes they have games.

What you say? How can you play a game in 140 characters?

That's when you have to be creative.  Someone posts a hashtag topic and errbody needs to tweet about the topic and include the hashtag.

There really isn't a winner, per se.

Well I don't know.  There could be.  It may be I just never won.

Because The Avengers: Age of Ultron opens this weekend.  The hashtag was #UnlikelyLinesFromAnAvengersMovie.

There were quite a few.  Some were good.  Other's bad.  Some R rated.  Some just sad.  So I collected the top ten (IMO) from the Hashtag Game.

Mine of course had to be on there.


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Aric Snee [Assuming it's pronounced "Eric"] and Justin Crowe created something that I wish I had growing up.  A Selfie Arm.  It's just like a selfie stick, but it looks like a human arm and someone else is taking a picture of you while you're holding their hand.  So now you can say your significant other IS REAL MOM!! GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT!!

Here's what the creators had to say about it:
fascinated by the idea of technology and its illusionary ‘connectedness’ and ‘sociableness’, snee and crowe created the ‘selfie arm’. the sarcastic solution to a quintessential problem — nobody wants to look alone while they mindlessly snap pictures of themselves — the product conveniently provides you a welcoming arm. and better yet, it doesn’t talk or have emotions of any sort. you can even create fake accounts and use its finger to like all your images; its not you its the hand! ‘selfie arm’ is made of fiberglass, is lightweight and portable, and fortunately only a prototype. the collaborative project is a direct commentary on the growing selfie stick phenomenon, and the constant, gnawing need for narcissistic internet validation. 

credit: designboom.com  



YouTuber Moshe Tamssot [ Twitter ] went into a McDonald's to use one of it's 'Create Your Taste' digital kiosks.  I haven't seen any where I'm at, so I'm assuming it's in the testing stages.  Well, Moshe tested it to see if he could build the biggest McDonald's burger, EVER!!!

The system is pretty sweet, it lets you pick massive amounts of extras (grilled onions, different cheeses, tomatoes, sauces, etc.).  While you can only get two quarter-pound patties, you can add up to ten of each item.

It first rung up at over $890.00, but he had a Groupon or something and the actual retail price was just below $25.00.

Check out the video for the creation.

No one has heard from Moshe Tamssot since.  Because he may have given his life to create something so awesome and amazing, that is what makes Moshe and this burger...


#EternalCon June 13-14 2015

The "Long Island" Comic Con: A Pop Culture Convention Experience Right in Your Backyard

Garden City, NY -- After the success of its past two events in June 2013 and 2014, ETERNAL CON [ Facebook | Twitter | Web ] (The Long Island Comic Con) returns with a huge 2-day extravaganza June 13 & 14 2015, taking place at the Cradle of Aviation’s Reckson Center, Garden City, NY.

Show Hours:
Saturday June 13th: 10:00am - 7:00 pm
Sunday June 14th: 10:00am - 5:00pm

This year’s celebrity guests include Gigi Edgley (Farscape, Quantum Apocalypse, Beastmaster), Vernon Wells (Innerspace, Mad Max II- The Road Warrior), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Doctor Who, Heroes), WWE wrestlers Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Andrew Anderson and Mick Foley, famed voice actor Larry Kenney (Thundercats, Imus In the Morning, Family Guy), and a “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” Original Reunion with Austin St. John, David Yost, Walter Jones, and Karan Ashley. More guests to be announced in the coming weeks.

Among the top names in the comic book industry attending are Ming Chen and Rob Bruce of AMC’s hit “Comic Book Men”, John Romita Jr. (The Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, Kick-Ass), Larry Hama (G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Wolverine, Elektra), Bob Camp (G.I. Joe, Conan the Barbarian), Billy Tucci (Shi, The Ring of Fire), Amy Reeder (Batwoman, Madame Xanadu, Fool’s Gold), Ken Kelly (Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan, KISS), and over 70 comic book professionals expected to be in attendance!

Special events for children include “Youngling Training” where young Jedi are invited to join the NY- Jedi instructors in a supervised training session to learn basic Lightsaber choreography & technique. Every child who participates will receive a free lightsaber!

“Fan Films” will be the theme of the 2015 Eternal Con Film Festival as Book, Comic Book, Movie, and TV fans flock to the 350-seat IMAX Theatre for films like “Batgirl Rises”, “E.M.M.A.”, and the Long Island debut of Director Anthony de Lioncourt’s 80’s Style Sci-fi Feature “The Protokon” Starring Jaiden Kaine.

 Returning for its second year is the COSPLAY PARADE. This FREE event is open to the public. The parade will begin at9:00 am on Saturday June 13th of Aviation museums parking lot and proceed along Charles Lindbergh Blvd and lead into the Cradle. More information on the parade is available on the ETERNAL CON website.

One of the biggest events of 2013/2014 was the Cosplay Contest, also in the IMax theatre, with a pre-judging session and a walk-through display. This live event will be simulcast on the IMax screen so everyone in the theatre gets a good look at all the costumes. The contest is open to all cosplayers and fans. For rules and Guidelines, click HERE

Throughout the weekend attendees will have the opportunity for Portfolio Reviews, Gaming tournaments, informative panels, the return of the movie prop gallery showing original costumes and props from classic motion pictures, a Car Show, an expanded Art Show, Cosplay groups, special performances, and a vendor room with over 150 tables of toys, jewelry, clothing, and collectibles.

For convention updates and announcements:

Official Website: www.eternalcon.com



Every year, I  take the kids out on the first Saturday of May for our annual Free Comic Book Day Marathon.  My wife doesn't protest because it gets us all out of the house and she can be free of noise for a few hours of the day.  

She went with us one time, and when she saw full grown men playing with pewter Rangers fighting pewter Necromancers, she was like.... "Uhhhh, I think this will be the last year I do this.."

But wait a minute, maybe you haven't heard of Free Comic Book Day yet.  Well let me give it to you quickly.

The first Saturday of May, comic book stores around the world get together and give back to the nerds that love them so much.  They give back by offering free comics to customers.

Now you can't just go in there and grab Detective Comics 27 and say "Peace Out, Yo!!"  There are special issues that are only given away on this day and are usually marked with a FREE COMIC BOOK DAY LOGO.  Different stores have different rules, most usually allow 2 per person.  One we frequent has offered up to seven per person.  The kids have fun doing it, so we make it an annual thing.

We actually couldn't do it last year because my brother got married in another city and ruined it for us.

It was quite inconvenient. 

So I try to make a plan to hit most in our area.  Yes, I take all the kids with me.  This will be Maddy's (20 months old) first FCBD, and yes she counts to get some.  She's already let me know she'll give me her books because she can't read and stuff.

Here's a map of the one's in our area of San Antonio.

We live right by #1.  #2 is a pretty awesome store.  They usually have cosplayers and artists/creators there to sign books for the customers.  #3 is new to me, I actually didn't know it existed. #4 is a small one, but it's the one that has given out seven, so it's def on the list.  #5 is a little outside our area, but its usually not crowded so we hit it up.

We usually hit #1 last on the way back home and get what they have left.  Only recently have we started hitting #5 first since they're really small and there's no wait at all.  But they do limit the numbers for large families.

Here's the game plan for Saturday.

We're going to hit #1 first.  We'd usually hit it last, but my nephew is having a birthday party on Saturday (again inconvenient) and it's probably around the #5 area, which we'll hit last (if at all because of time before the party).

I'll pass #2 and go straight to #3.  #2 is the big one in the area, Heroes and Fantasies.  They usually have lines out the door and deep inside.  They're the one with cosplayers and artists signing. We've never been to #3, so we'll hit that one in hopes that no one else has either.  #4 is the one that just throws the free SWAG at you and we'll hit that one before lunch.  Anticipating a wait, we'll hit the dollar menu so their tummies will be full and I won't have to hear them complain while waiting in line at #2 for free stuff.  And if time allows before the party, we'll hit up #5.

Or I could pull an audible the morning of, just skip #1 all together go straight to five and do the 3/4/2 before the party.

There's FIFTY BOOKS being given away this year.  A great goal would be to obtain them all, but it's probably not going to happen.  But here's a few we're more than likely going to get.

As you can see, they have quite a variety.  Every year we all look forward to it.  Now while one or two of them don't appreciate comics like I did as a kid, it's still cool to do without spending a bunch of money.

Are you going to be hitting up Free Comic Book Day in your area?  If you're interested check out their website at FreeComicBookDay.com or their Facebook Page or Twitter.


#EpicDubSmashShowdownOfDeath!! [Super Hero Week]

So DubSmash is a thing.  Awesome people download an app to their smartphone and pic a soundbite to lip-sync to.  It can be a funny clip to a movie, TV show or verse from a song.  The thing is, it's only like five to ten seconds long.

Not long at all.

For about two weeks, my brother and I were sending dubs (that's what I'm assuming they're called) to each other trying to one up each other.  

Por Example, this is me..


And this is Ed...


The epic awesomeness we were creating was too great to keep to ourselves.  We had to bring it to the masses.


Thus the Epic DubSmash Showdown of Death was created.

Each week, Ed and I will compete in a themed or non-themed challenge. We each have to post three dubs (again, I'm assuming that's what they're called) relating to that theme.  We alternate turns posting throughout the week.  The challenger always goes first.  I'll go first this week since it's week one.

The winners are determined by the total number of likes our videos get during the week.  Contest is over Saturday.

Winners will be announced the start of the next Epic DubSmach Showdown.

This weeks theme, in honor of The Avengers: Age of Ultron opening in US Theaters this weekend, the theme will be Superheroes.  The Dubbers (assuming this is what we call ourselves), can do any superhero.  It doesn't have to be Avengers, it doesn't even have to be Marvel.

To see the videos, you need to visit the page - Epic DubSmash Showdown of Death.  We'd appreciate if you like the page so you can get the videos to your Facebook Feed.

While you're at it, we'd also like if you like this blog's Facebook page - Welcome to Boltonshire.  Yeah I know this blog is now called Hashtag Bolton, but I couldn't import the likes.



#KidsPickTheWinner [WWE Extreme Rules]

This is a quick post.  We just got back from a family vacation, but I wanted it to be in the record books.  While this is being posted after the event, the kids picked the winners prior to the WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff  Show.

In #KidsPickTheWinner, I have my kids pick who they think is going to win a particular event.  Currently they are competing in the Kids Pick the Winner for the NBA 2015 Playoffs.  Last month it was WrestleMania31.  Sometimes it's prize money, but every time the Kids Pick the Winner Championship Belt is on the line.

Araceli is the current champion for her winning performance at WrestleMania 31.  Today they are playing for the Championship.

Emma is opting not to participate, so here are the players -

Adrian Neville vs. Bad News Barrett

Loreli: Neville
Seth: Bad News Barrett
Araceli: Bad News Barrett

Winner: Neville

Picked Correctly: Loreli (1)

Chicago Street Fight
Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Loreli: Luke Harper
Seth: Dean Ambrose
Araceli: Dean Ambrose

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Picked Correctly: Seth (1) Araceli (1)

Kiss Me Arse Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

Loreli: Dolph Ziggler
Seth: Sheamus
Araceli: Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Picked Correctly: Loreli (2) Araceli (2)

WWE Tag Team Championship
Cesaro/Kidd (c) vs. New Day

Loreli: Cesaro/Kidd
Seth: Cesaro/Kidd
Araceli: Cesaro/Kidd

Winner: New Day

Picked Correctly:  None


WWE Divas Championship Match
Naomi vs. Nikki Bella (c)

Loreli: Nikki
Seth:  Nikki
Araceli: Nikki

Winner:  Nikki

Picked Correctly: Loreli (3) Seth (2) Araceli (3)

WWE US Championship Match Russian Chain Match
Rusev vs. John Cena (c)

Loreli: John Cena
Seth: John Cena
Araceli: John Cena

Winner:  John Cena

Picked Correctly: Loreli (4) Seth (3) Araceli (4)

Last Man Standing Match
The Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Loreli: Big Show
Seth: Roman Reigns
Araceli: Roman Reigns

Winner: Roman Reigns

Picked Correctly: Seth (4) Araceli (5)

Cage Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins (c)

Loreli: Seth Rollins
Seth: Randy Orton
Araceli: Randy Orton

Winner: Seth Rollins

Picked Correctly: Loreli (5)

Final Results

Loreli - Five Picked Correctly out of 8
Seth - Four Picked Correctly out of 8
Araceli - Five Picked Correctly out of 8

Winners and Co-Champions
Loreli and Araceli

Great Job Girls.

Be sure to check out Kids Pick the Winner to the NBA Playoffs Going On Right Now.


#KidsPickTheWinner [NBA Finals Rd1]

The NBA regular season is over. Now is the time to follow the games.  With six kids, I can't invest much time to watch a three hour game a few times a week.  It's just too much.  But the playoffs are different.  While we're probably not going to watch all the games, the kids and I have our opinions on who is going to win.

The San Antonio Spurs, Yo!!

But to get there, we have to weed out fifteen losers.

I've had the kids pick the winners during the NFL playoffs, the Oscars, March Madness and just recently, WrestleMania where Celi because the first ever #KidsPickTheWinner Champion

The #KidsPickTheWinner Championship is up for grabs at the end of the Playoffs as well as a cash prize of FIVE DOLLARS!!!

We'll play this round by round, with each correct pick getting one point. The points carry over to the next round and after the finals when the San Antonio Spurs win again, the kid with the most points gets the belt and the cash. In the case of a tie, the prize is split.

With logistics out of the way, here are your kids...

Emma (5) is sitting out on this one.  When I asked her to pick, she told me to give her whoever Seth picks.  While a smart move since he did win the March Madness contest, I decided to remove her from the competition.

Oldest First - Loreli's Picks.

Loreli always seems to have the worst luck when it comes to these contests, she's usually the one with the most wrong. I honestly see that streak continuing  with picking the Pelicans and Brooklyn to win.  But underdogs upset the number one seed all the time.

Seth's Picks.

Seth's looks good from the start.  While I'm upset he picked Cleveland, I must commend him on his choices.

And Finally - Araceli's Picks.

Other than picking the Raptors, Celi picked the same as her brother.

There you go.  Games start tomorrow and go through.... Whenever??

See you next time, and Go Spurs Go!!


Emma finally decided to join in the fun.

The kids' Nana also decided to sweeten the pot by DOUBLING THE PRIZE MONEY!!!

Thanks Nana!!