About Bolton

Howdy. My name is Eric and I used to be a blogger.

Really I was.

Sure my name wasn't mentioned at blogger conferences or on twitter...

or by my family and friends.

But I blogged.  So I was a blogger.

Even when you're a non-famous blogger like I was, D-List actually, you're still considered a blogger.  It's not like you suck at singing and you attempt to sing and your parents say you're really great and when in reality you really stink. 

I mean really really stink.

Like myself.

You're not a singer. 

I'm not a singer.

No matter what Sister Mary Clarence said in Sister Act 2.

Anyways, blogging is not like singing.  You don't have to be popular or even good to be considered a blogger.  Just go to Blogger (or Wordpress) come up with a title that describes what you want to blog about and hope that it hasn't already been taken.

I'll talk about this later.

So I was a Daddy Blogger.  I wrote Juggling Eric for a few years and then revamped it to Welcome to Boltonshire. Juggling Eric was mainly about my growth. Not like a mole or tumor type of growth, but my growth as an individual and how I dealt with juggling all the roles I had.

The role as a husband and new father. The role of being a Christian, brother, son and friend.  It ended up being mostly about my adventures as a dad. I met a bunch of cool Dad Bloggers and I got to watch them get all famous and stuff while I secretly envied them.

I'm married to my beautiful wife, Kristie and we have six kids.

More to come later...

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